Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last night our Cub Scout's had a "Cub-Annapolis" for pack meeting. Several weeks ago all boys were given the same size card board box to turn into some type of car. Here are a few of my favorites. This guy found a printable Nascar paper. They printed it and then cut the box to match. This is a CRAFTSMAN (see the letters on the bottom) lawn mower. I know NOTHING about electronics but this guy had head lights and tail lights that glowed. How awsome is that?

I love the detail on these two. Aren't they great. What AWSOME imaginations.
On your mark... get set... go!
The 2-3 boys according to dens started at the start/finish line. Half way through the fist lap the driver had to stop at his pit crew (his family). The pit crew had to wash the driver's windshield. Each boy wore some type of glasses or goggles. The pit crew had to spray them with water, dry them with a rag and then off they could go. On the 2nd lap they again had to stop at their pit crew for a refill. This was drinking an apple juice -juice box all gone and then they could again go. During the 3rd lap they again had to stop at the pit crew for a changing of tires. Each boy had to wear socks and laced shoes. The crew had to untie each shoe, remove them, take both socks off, flipped them inside out and then put everything back on including tieing both shoes. Then it was off to the finish line.


It was such a fun night. The boys and families had such a great time.

Hunter is turning 8 in just 9 days from today. I'm so excited for him to be apart of our Bear Den. I'm excited to be able to help him with some of the coolest things scouts do together. I know he's going to enjoy the scouting program.