Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three Nanny Goats Gruff

Last week our princess participated in a 1st grade class play, Three Nanny Goats Gruff. She was so excited. She was asked to play Mrs. Butterfly. She was also asked to wear all BLACK so that her wings would "pop" out. She was so cute going through her closet trying to find all black clothes the night before. She was thrilled when I reminded her that her Aunt Christina had just recenly picked her up a pair of black sparkly tights that she had found on clearance. The night before she told me she wanted to look her best and asked if I would put curlers in her hair so she would be a beautiful butterfly. LOL

She is beautiful! Teacher had moved all the childrens desks out of the way and this was the set. She did an GREAT job with the back drop and all the props. I was very impressed.
Mrs. Butterfly again.
This is her and Mr. Butterfly doing ther parts.
Mr. Butterfly hated the costume and couldn't wait for the play to be over with.
Maddie loved this. She loves being in the lime light. She was even more excited to have so many people in the audience for her. Between the two performances both Grandma and Grandpa, GG, Emily, Brayden, Hunter and even Aunt Sheri and Uncle Jason came out to see her.

I am so impressed with Madelyn's teacher this year. She is just an awsome person and is great with her kids. When we first moved here I was a little dissapointed that my kids would be attending a public shool. I loved our Charter school in Prescott that had all the extra's. This year my children don't get to have art class with an art teacher or a music class with a music teacher once a week. At this school the extras are left up to the teacher to do. Madelyn's teacher does that.

Madelyn you did a superb job! We love you.