Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Hike

After leaving the Silver Reefs Museum we drove up the road a mile or two for a little exploring.
Kory and Hunter are quite the explorers. This is them on top. This is Hanna and her friend Kilee with my girls following them.
Hunter wanted to check out those holes.

To get there we had plenty of rocks to climb over.

Emily wasn't to sure about being so high up above but quickly found the fun of brushing the dirt out onto everyone else.

Who knew how much fun crevices in a large rock could be.

Even the "big" girls had fun.

Brayden enjoying all the dirt.

We planned to be gone a few hours so made the preperations for a big picnic.

Grandpa sharing his oranges.

Look at all of us.
We had good weather.
Good food
and good company.
Now that winter's about over I'm so excited to plan more trips like this.


Sara said...

Those are way cool hills! The color and shap are fun. Glad to see you get to spend at least a little time with your husband! The kids look so big!