Thursday, March 31, 2011

Base Ball

It has begun....

In Prescott last year both Hunter and Madelyn participated in some form of Base Ball. This year Madelyn opted out but we signed Hunter up. This year like last he is on a machine pitch league. He had his 1st two practices this week and his 1st game is in about 12 days. Our coach this year has been a little unprepared. To start with I got the phone call of our 1st practice about 4 hours before. Practice was suppose to be from 4:30-6. We got there a bit before 4:30 along with 2 other boys and the coach finally showed up about 5. We're on a machine pitch league but didn't have the machine to practice with. We're practiving on a big green field so we didn't have any bases, no balls no roster to know how many boys were'nt there and just a lot of nothing. After Coach had them running from tree to tree to work out he then paired up the 6 boys (2 belong to the coach but only one is on the team) who were there. One of the boys brough his own ball and so that was used until the last 15 minutes when coach's wife showed up with more balls. Unfortunately Hunter got paired up with a little guy who wanted Hunter to throw the ball into his mitt covered out streched hand. Unfortunately when Hunter would miss his mitt he'd get upset and sit down, refusing to play. When this little guy would then throw the ball back to Hunter the ball didn't come any where near him to even try to catch. Needless to say there was a bit of disapointment and discouragement. Tonight was our 2nd practice. Things went a LITTLE better. The coach wasn't AS late. He had balls and the bats. He didn't have bases so used pieces of the catchers uniform to mark the spots. He brought the machine this time just to find we had no power to hook it up to. One of the father's present offered his generator and ran home and got it. This past summer I bought a base set at a garage sale for $7. I went home and got those for tonight too.
Coach remembered the roster tonight so we now know there are 10 on the team and 6 were there tonight. In Prescott we had 19 on our team. Soccer and Baseball overlap about 4 weeks I was told tonight. The mom who told me that said they'll only be coming when they don't have a soccer game or practice. This is why they weren't at the 1st practice. When Soccer's over then Baseball will become the #1 priority. A little odd to me, I understand what she's saying but I wonder how fair that is to the baseball teammates?

Hunter didn't hit very well during the 1st practice with the coach throwing the ball. This is always disapointing. Tonight, he made up for it. With the machine pitch he hit 4/5. He did great and was pleased with himself. He didn't want to go to practice tonight but after his performance with the great hits I think he'll be little more eager next week. They practice 2x a week for 2 hours each. Thats a bit more practicing then were use to. With me having scouts once a week on top of 2 practices now plus doing it on my own as Kory's at work. I'm VERY glad we didn't push Madelyn into playing this season. I'm not sure we could have done it.

I'm hoping we have a great season ahead of us.


Camille said...

oh my gosh, that's crazy. I would freak out with that kind of unorganization. ;( Sorry!