Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bloody Nose

Sunday morning Brayden joined our bed about 5am. He curled up next to me and quickly went back to sleep. I was awake laying in bed when about 7 Brayden sat up threw himself on me and went back to sleep. It was still dark but had enough light that before he landed on me I saw that his face was covered in something that reminded me of what he looks like after eaten brownies. Knowing we didn't eat brownies that morning or the previous evening and there is no way I would have put him to bed with such a messy face I rolled him back over and turned on the lamp. What a shock that was. He had smeared dried blood all over. It was on his face, his p.j's, on my p.j's, on the sheets and smeared all over my pillow! When he sat up his little nose started pouring out blood. He ended up having 4 bloody noses before church that starts at 1:00pm. The last one was about 5 minutes before we walked out the door. I wasn't too happy as blood got all over his church pants, church shirt and brand new tie I made for him and Hunter to match! I didn't even get a picture yet.
I debated sending him to Nursery but at the last minute decided to try. Lucky for his leaders and us NO bloody nose. Within 15 minutes of us getting home he had another bloody nose. He didn't get bonked or hit on the nose and most of the time it didn't look like he had even touched his nose. It just bled all on it's own. He had one more right before bed time and luckily hasn't had one since. My mom suggested that night that maybe he was dehydrated. We thought back to his diapers and realized he was able to wear the same diaper we put on him that morning after his bath until 7 pm. I would check him during the day and remember thinking he felt dry and how nice it was to have Kory around to help change the diapers. Well Kory hadn't changed any diapers his little body was just that dry. Before he went to bed that night we really tried forcing the fluids down him and monday we were more conscious of getting him to drink several times through out the day. I guess we did what his body needed as he's been just fine since. We've had A LOT more wet diapers (more than usuall) to change and no more bloody noses. Yippee!