Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hunter's 5th grade play

It seems like when I was a child we had the D.A.R.E (drug free) program at school during 5th grade.  It might not be D.A.R.E in our elementary school but Hunter has learned a lot this year about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  Thursday Hunter and his class performed in front of the whole school. I was there to watch but had to leave after Kylie threw up all over herself twice. Thankfully later that night our whole family had another opportunity to watch him perform. I can't say it enough. They did an AWESOME job. A week later my younger kids are still singing some of the songs. 

"I pledge to live a drug free life because I want to be happy and healthy. I will say no to alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs and yes to my own self worth. I will encourage my friends to join me and to stand up for what is right. "

Forever free. That's what I'll be. This is my solemn vow. I will stand tall, not fall, fight for....

Forever free. That's what I'll be. I will stand tall, not fall, be strong...

Forever free. My destiny. I've got the power now...
I won't let anyone stand in my way.
Forever free I'll be!

The music was outstanding! The kids have been practicing for months and it really showed. They had the words to all the songs and the dancing down perfectly!

Hunter had several lines to memorize over these past few weeks. 

Every single child did an amazing job on their parts.

For a group of 10-11 year old boys and girls they were amazing. The program was about 45 minutes long and not once did I look at the clock wondering how much longer. My girls and Brayden had seen it earlier that day and were excited to see it again. I was a little worried about Brayden getting bored but they seemed to keep his attention the 2nd time too. I wish I had been able to video record it so that Hunter could watch it. They did so well. 

I really hope this class learned and took to heart about the danger of drugs and alcohol. I hope each and every one of them will keep there vow and remain drug free! This class is so awesome and they have endless possibilities. I am saddened to know that Hunter won't continue to grow up with this great group of friends that he has made over the past few years we've lived in the area. These kids will be missed!
Great job Hunter!!!