Saturday, March 15, 2014

Emily's 1st Basketball Season

The last of our Junior Jazz Season.
Basketball is officially over for our family!
This year was Emily's 1st year to play basketball. Her team consisted of all 1st & 2nd graders from her school. Her and cousin Rachel (These girls are two days apart.) were the only girls on the team. 

These kids had practice after school every Wednesday for a month. During the 5th week they had practice followed by their one and only game. Before the game their coach was having them pass the ball back and forth while sitting. Emily did a little cheer every time her partner caught the ball. 

Love this look. 
Is she afraid of the ball?

She's getting better and better at dribbling. 

 She loved her turns throwing the ball in.

And.....she caught the pass!

She caught it again.

 So proud of you Miss Emily!
She played a wonderful game. She ran fast, was quick on her feet, made a basket and stole the ball.
She was so excited that her team won by 10 points!

During her game Dad was at work, the older kids were at friends so it was just Miss Kylie and Mom cheering her on. Couldn't help but snap a few picts. of this cutie pie.