Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kylie 6month photo shoot.

Before Kylie was born I fell in love with the idea of taking monthly pictures of her. It made me even more excited when I came across the stickers at Hobby Lobby to correlate with what I wanted to do. 6 months into this I'm glad we are half way done. She loves to play with the dang things and is constantly looking at them or peeling them off to put them in her mouth. In my head I wanted these awesome, great professional looking pictures each month. I give up! I'm not going to have them. The more I learn to use my camera the more I know that it can't do what I want it to do. So these pictures will just have to do until one day Santa suprises me with a better camera that is more suitable to taking picts of wiggly kids. Maybe by the time my grankids enter the world I will have the camera I so desperately want. 
 Can you please look at mom instead of everywhere else??
 Miss Kylie with her best friend, Ellie.
  Oh no... We've discoved the sticker already!!
Maybe if I look at mom she won't notice me pulling the sicker off??

 If it's not the sticker she's after it's the shoes. If I don't put shoes on her than she tries to suck on her toes.
 Despite my frusturation with taking her monthly pictures. I love this girl! She makes me smile along with everyone else. I love hearing her giggle. I love watching her discover new things.

 She's beautiful and I am so glad she's a part of our family.
 Miss Kylie can sit up all by herself now. She no longer likes to be laying down on her back to play. She puts everything within reach into her mouth. Brother Brayden (3yr.) thinks it's hilarious to give her his shoe to suck on. Crazy boy!!
Miss Kylie's bottom tooth finally broke through and we are a much happier baby girl.
If I keep Kylie awake until about 10 o'clock she will sleep until 7 am. 
She loves food. It's hard to eat with her on our laps as she is constantly reaching for your plate and food. Kylie eats green beans and carrots that I bottled from our garden this past fall, pears and peaches that I bottled this past year and mashed potato's. This past week I tore chicken into extrememly tiny pieces and mixed it in with her potato's and she did great with it. She also had plain jello for the first time.  Kylie is getting better and better at drinking from a cup. As with tradition we don't use sippy cups a lot. I like to start them with a regular cup and then we have one less transition to go through. Kylie is a happy baby. Quick to smile and share her giggles. Kylie has entered that stage of not liking stranger's. The week after Thanksgiving the kids and I went to my parents house and she was terrible. She wouldn't let anyone hold her but me. She'd even freak if they touched her hand. I was so ready for when Kory joined us and gave me a break from having to hold her 24/7.