Thursday, December 13, 2012

Facebook Group

Sometime in October I as asked to join a Group on Facebook. This group has professional and amateaur photographer's. Each month a challenge is given and for a few weeks we try to better our selves in a paticular way using our camera. For the month of November our challenge was "backlighting". These are some of my better, more successful, recieved compliments on from this group.

Here's Miss Kylie...
I love her smile! Her lighted, bright ears makes me smile! I've learned that back lighting has a lot to do with preference. The ears are funny but this isn't a photo I'd put on my wall where as other's oohed and ahhed over them and her blown out head.   

 I do like this one of Emily. I like the fuzziness my camera did to the back ground all by itselg. I do like the light on her head.
Now that schools over I hope to put more time and effort into our monthly challenges. One day I am hoping for a better camera. One that I can change settings and play with the ISO. It's frusturating to see moving shots posted to our group and knowing that my camera doesnt' have that ability. The one thing that really bugs me about the camera is the movement. Kids NEVER sit still and any little movement when taking their picture turns out fuzzy for the most part and ruins the picture. One day...