Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kylie 5 months

Kylie hit her 5 month mark the end October. Wow is she growing up fast. I miss my newborn, cuddly baby! She is "funner" as the kids and her daddy like to say because she is becoming more and more interactive with our family!
 I really struggled with this months pictures. The lighting has been all wrong and I can't seem to catch it when it's right. Maybe it has something to do with winter nearing??
 The sticker's were a complete nuisance this month too. Dang girl won't leave them alone.
 Look how big she is!! Her feet now hang above the laundry hamper.
 We see Kylie doing a lot of this lately. She has definetly discovered her feet!
 Kylie is enjoying eating at the table with the rest of us.
 We have started giving her pieces of waffles, pancake and soft bread to knaw on.
 Miss Kylie is trying so hard to sit up all by herself but she can't quite get it. She can sit for just a few seconds and than falls over. She loves to play with her jungle gym that hangs over her. She still sleeps on her tummy for the majority of the time. Miss Kylie is teething. I've seen a white spot on her bottom gums but it comes and goes. Hopefully by her 6 month mark that little tooth will make it's presence. Kylie still likes Ellie (her bink attached to an elephant). I'll have to post pictures of her and Ellie together one day. I haven't had a binky baby since Hunter, 9 years ago. It may not be easy to get rid of later but I sure enjoy the convienence of it now.