Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Eve Tradition

Growing up Kory's family had a tradition of being able to open up one gift. It was a gift that Mom and Dad chose. In that gift it was always a new pair of pajama's, sometimes matching sometimes not. We've carried that tradition on with our family. This year it was quite comical to listen to the three oldest (9,8 &6) talk about the gift they were going to open. The three agreed that this was a terrible tradition because they already knew what was inside! Why did Mom, even bother to wrap them up. Kory laughed and laughed. He told the kids he remember's saying some of the same things to his parents. Regardless of what my children think I love the tradition and will continue to carry it on. I've told my bigger kids that when they are the mom or dad they can choose to torture their kids in the same way or start the tradition of opening all the gifts Christmas Eve as Hunter said he's going to do. Can't wait to see what his future wife thinks about that plan!

Here's Brayden waiting so patiently for everyone to come down so he can finally open one of his gifts. Despite the numerous conversations of the new pajama's he was still pretty clueless as to what was inside.
 Kylie being almost 7 months old loved the box as most babies do.
 Hunter trying to act thrilled about opening a gift, NOT of his choosing. 
 This kid makes us laugh. It has become quite difficult to get a good picture of him. He see's the camera and starts pulling all sorts of faces. In the end he was excited to see some Angry Birds P.J's.
 Madelyn was not feeling well. Almost got a smile from her!
 Having 5 kids I've realized how EXTREMELY DIFFICULT it can be to get just ONE pict. of everyone looking at the camera. I don't know if I'll ever succeed at this. But regardless, here they are all excited for the big night that has finally come. 
 Emily is 6 and still LOVES baby doll's. She was thrilled that her pajama's once again came with a matching one for her baby doll.
 Miss Kylie's nightie has been passed down to each of my girls. Grandma Heaton made it for Madelyn when she was a baby for her Christmas gift. She was 6 months old at the time. I packed it up and saved it for our future baby girls to use. Emily was then born and even though she was only 3 mo. old at the time I used it for her pajama gift too. Miss Kylie hit her 7 month mark just after Christmas and we used it once again. Makes me sad to think this little tradition is now complete. No more of my babies will be sleeping in this gown again.  I think I'll hang on to it and pass it to my girls when they are married and start having their own babies. I'll let them decide if they want to use it with their girls.