Monday, January 21, 2013

Madelyn's 2nd Surgery

Remember this from about 2 years ago??
I do! And even though it wasn't that terrible I told myself and everyone around that I hoped we'd never have to go through that again. Madelyn was about 4 months shy of turning 7.

 Earlier this year I noticed that some of Madelyn's original symptoms seemed to be returning. She started snoring again, complained she didn't sleep good and had a hard time breathing out of her nose. Being it was allergy season and we were living our 1st Spring surrounded by Alfalfa fields, fresh hay, dirt roads and farm animals of every kind I kind of just assumed that all of these factors were playing with her allergies. During the Summer, her Aunt Camille asked if she was still struggling from her Adenoid removal as she sounded nasally to her. I'll admit I was a bit irritated with the question because I had wondered the same thing but really didn't want to be bothered with it. I didn't want to awknowledge that her adenoids may have grown back and we had another surgery on the horizon.  So life moved on... I had baby Kylie, Emily broke her leg, school started for me and the kids, Kylie's shoulder was popped out of it's socket, Kory's shift at work changed, etc., etc.

Once my classes for the semester had ended and my life slowed down I realized that Madelyn's breathing problems had progressively gotten worse. Pour girl couldn't even chew with her mouth closed. So I googled Adenoids and learned that generally speaking Adenoids removed from a toddler do have a slight chance of re-growth but if removed after the age of 5 they very rarely re-grow to be big enough to cause problems. Madelyn had  been 6 1/2! So I broke down and made an appt. with Dr. Chase (same doctor). At her appt. the nurse came in and asked why we were there. I told her that I had thought Madelyn's adenoids had re-grown. She looked right at me and said, "Noooo, Adenoids don't grow back!"  I said O.K but she sure has the same symptoms she had had before they were removed the first time. The nurse just kinda chuckled and informed me that Dr. Chase would be in to talk with us. So several minutes go by and in walks Dr. Chase. Apparently the nurse has informed him of my self diagnosis and he is quick to tell me that generally speaking adenoids don't grow back. Back in the time this did occur quite often but with the newest and latest technology now day's it really doesn't happen! So he pulls out his little tools and looks in her mouth, up her nose, etc. He sits back in his chair and looks right at me and says,"WOW! Mom, your self diagnosis is correct. This girls Adenoids have grown back. This is his 1st patient of 12+ years that this has happened. On top of her adenoid issue her tonsils were twice the size they should have been. Her tonsils were larger than most adults. In the end we decided to have her adenoids removed once more along with her tonsils. Knowing that the end of the year was quickly approaching and knowing we had already met our deductible we took what appt. we could. One week before Christmas Day.

Madelyn was a bit nervous of course but than so was I!

 About 15 minutes before she was wheeled away from me she was given a "sleepy" drink. This calms the nerves, and makes her tired. Due to her age her IV was placed after she was knocked out.

 Madelyn did not wake up very happy! She had a much harder time coming out of the anesthesia than she did last time. But we made it through and before to long we were back at Grandma's. We stayed at Grandma's for 2 days before heading home. She ate lots of ice chips!

 She really struggled that first week at home. She fought us on her pain meds and refused to eat. She lost about 10 pounds that week.  At times she would come to the kitchen to help (something she loves) but within minutes she would be sitting at the island just watching or had fallen asleep.

 Christmas Day was day 7, after surgery, which I had been warned could be the worse day of recovery. Christmas morning she came down the stairs in tears and in pain. I really felt for her. After a mini battle of taking her pain meds she decided she was ready to see what Santa had brought but not to many smiles were seen that day. Madelyn had recently played Clue at a friends house and that's all we heard her say she wanted. She certainly didn't act to excited about it that day but I've lost count the amount of times we've played this game with her over the past few weeks!
 Madelyn spent almost the rest of the week on the couch. She wasn't reading, or coloring or playing with anything. She'd just sit/lay down on the couch in her own little world and drift in and out of consciousness.
 I was told that the recovery  time would be about 3 full weeks. That was pretty accurate for this girl. After the 2nd week she started to eat things like banana's, bottled pears, yoghurt, etc. There were many moments that I didn't think we'd survive this experience but somehow we managed. Once she started to eat I think she started to feel better despite what she say's. The girl was just starving herself. She refused to eat anything but ice chips in fear that it would hurt. We tried jello, pudding, apple juice, chicken noodle soup, ice cream, smoothies, yoghurt's, mashed potato's, etc, but she wouldn't eat any of it. It's no wonder she had no energy, didn't feel good and slept most of the time. She was on a diet of ice chips for about 10 day's. Finally I got mad and I'll admit lost my temper with her and told she was going to sit and eat whatever it was I had placed in front of her or I'd spoon feed her. It took her more than 30 minutes to eat 1/3 cup but she did eat it and I started making her eat every couple of hours with the threat hanging over her head! It worked and we started to see the recovery happening. Madelyn had her follow up recently and everything's looks great. She is healing nicely. Tonsils don't grow back, EVER! And hopefully her adenoids are good and gone this time. I really really really don't ever want to go through that again!


Mommy of Many Hats said...

Poor girl and poor Mommy! So glad she's feeling better. Thanks for sharing your loss of temper story. Tonight's been one of those nights for me, and it's been about food too! Hope all is well!

Camille said...

I had never read this post, even though I had talked to you about it- I didn't know she lost 10 lbs! Wow, that is scary... poor girl. She looks just sooo sad on Christmas :( that's the worst. Glad its over and she's back to normal!!