Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Emily's 1st Lost Tooth

Right after Christmas Break this big girl of mine finally lost her 1st tooth. She is the youngest of her siblings to loose her 1st tooth. Hunter didn't loose his 1st tooth until 2nd grade and Madelyn was in 1st. She's quite proud of herself for being the youngest in the family to loose a tooth thus far.

 Our Tooth Fairy quite frankly needs to be fired. She does an absolute terrible job. There have been too many times to count that it's taken her 3-5 days after the lost tooth before she finally finds her way here. We make up all sorts of excuses for her like, it's a sunday and the tooth fairy doesn't work on sunday's or you must have stayed up too late and she had to pass us by or the opposite, you got up to early before she was done with her visits. I really do feel terrible that our tooth fairy can't seem to come the same night as this grand event.
Being this was Emily's 1st lost tooth the tooth fairy did make her much anticipated appearance on the 1st night and left her a whole dollar.  A few weeks ago Miss Emily lost another tooth. The tooth fairy didn't come for 3 days!! It was just terrible on my little 5 year old. Just last week Miss Emily lost her 3rd tooth.  The tooth fairy made numerous mental notes and actually left notes in her bed so she wouldn't forget. The next morning Emily came down so excited with Madelyn right behind her. The tooth fairy had left 2- one dollar bills??? After Emily walked away Madelyn replied, "Yeah mom, you always forget so I did it for you". Madelyn is such a sweetheart! Can I give her the money and ask her to play our tooth fairy?


Mommy of Many Hats said...

I love this story! So great!