Monday, February 25, 2013

Kylie's 8 months

 Kylies photo shoot the end of last month was a disaster!!! I love this little girl to pieces but she sure makes my life miserable trying to get her monthly pictures. If she wasn't baby #5 and I had my camera out a lot like I did with my older kiddo's I woudn't worry about it so much. But my picture taking has drastically been reduced with each child. I'm afraid if I don't take pictures once a month of this cutie pie I won't get any of her in these stages that quickly go by.

So of like the 50 I took here's the best one!! One day I'll have time to play with it in photo shop and fix the tacky background but for now it's what's working for us.

 These dang sticker's were an awesome idea but seriously.... This kid won't leave them alone!!
 If it's not the sticker that takes her attention it's the fuzzy drop she's sitting on and can't leave alone.
 I ordered this cute hat for Kylie B several months ago. It was suppose to fit a newborn! I have never seen a newborn with a head so big it that this hat would fit. So I've waited and waited and waited and thought I'd try it in this months photo shoot. Still too big but I love the hat! That being said Miss Kylie didn't appreciate it. She just wanted it off! Big brother Brayden was trying to distract her with dominoe's.

 Didn't work! She wanted the domino just not the hat. Oh well.... Maybe next month's!
I must admit I love her little scunched up "I'm upset, leave me alone" look.