Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentine Letters

Kory's parents our currently serving a mission in Nauvoo, IL. Unfortunately we haven't been the best at sending regular letters. So a week before Valentines Day we decided to write to our grandparents and tell them how much we love them with a bit of a twist. We used conversation hearts in place of some of our words. The kids loved it!

 Maddie had some serious concentration. Sh

 With a little help Emily was able to use several candies in her letter.
Brayden I think ate more candies than we got on paper. In the end he wrote his name by himself and we glued the candies into a heart shape.

Hunter cracked us up! He didn't like some of the words on the candies and he was having a hard time using them after he used his first 3/4. So my very resourceful son flipped the candy over and wrote his own word on it!
This turned out to be a great family home evening night. My girls want to do this almost every week now. So glad they had fun. I just hope our package arrived with the candies still intact so that Grandma and Grandpa could read it.