Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kylie is 7 months old..

After Christmas the lil' pumpkin of mine hit her 7 month mark. She's getting so big! Well I should re phrase that... Developmentally we can see her growth but she's still pretty petite and at this time could still wear some of her 0-3 month outfits.

 She sits's up great. She finally started to play on her own with some of her toys. I love that I no longer need to entertain her constantly! Her two bottom teeth are fully in and she's learning how to use them.
 She's no where near crawling yet as she really doesn't like to be on her belly. And really this being baby 5 I'm totally allright with her not crawling. I am so not ready for that next stage.
Little stinker is no longer a good sleeper. She wakes up severals time during the night wanting to nurse. We've started feeding her baby food before bed with the hopes of getting more than 4 hours between feedings. She's starting to eat more table foods like green beans that we bottled this past fall, canned peaches, soft bread and store bought baby snacks.