Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Brayden Starts Preschool...

I love all of my 5 kids.
That being said I have to admit that I have really enjoyed the time I have with my 2 youngest at home by ourselves. We have fun. We play with playdough, we color, we paint and

 we fix yummy snacks. It's a great time to see and watch the personality come out of my 3 year old. Sometimes he seems to get overshadowed by his older siblings, especially when they get home from school and I've got 5 kids asking for my attention all at the same time.
 During Christmas break we were able to visit with lots of family members on both sides of the family. Many times I was asked to interpret what Brayden was saying. It was brought to my attention that this little man of my life didn't/couldn't say some of the letter sounds and therefore wasn't easily understood. After talking to my mom about this I finally got the nerve to call our school district and make an appt. to have his speech tested. Three weeks later he had his appt. with the speach therapist. Brayden's going to be turning 4 in April and there are several letter sounds that he can't make yet and should be able to at this point.  His hearing test came out fine and after some paperwork was completed Brayden qualified for free speach therapy done at the school twice a week. On top of that because of this "impairment" he qualifies to attend preschool 2x a week for free. I wasn't ready for my little man to leave my side quite yet. Brayden however LOVES school.  
 Brayden in front of his school!
 Brayden just loves his "Diego" back pack.
 This is Miss Wendy, his teacher. He has a cubby with his name on it and a picture of a ball. Ball starts with the letter "B" therefore marking Brayden's spot throughout the classroom!
When he gets to preschool he's suppose to put his "homework" in a box, put his backpack in his cubby and sign in. He loves writing his name to sign in. He is loving preschool. Everyday he asks what day it is and if it's preschool day. I have to take him to school but in the afternoons he get's to ride the bus home with all the other kids. He and two other preschoolers sit behind the bus driver and wear safety harnesses to help keep them in their seats. I've always worked with my kids at home on learning letter's, number's, sound's etc. but I have been so impressed with how quickly he's learning attending preschool twice a week. He comes home with homework to do each day. It started with a paper having him draw straight lines, cirlces, his name, etc. Now it's tracing and writing phonograms. If that wasn't enough he also brings a book home that I am suppose to read to him enough times that he can than take the book and tell me the story back. He get's so excited to do his homework and it's been fun to do it with him. I miss my little guy during the day. I miss his stories, his laughter, his willingness to help me with my chores, his wanting to bake banana bread each and every day but I know he's having a great time at school.  


Sheri said...

So glad he's doing well. I'm about ready to sign Jamie up for preschool in the Fall. So scary. These kids are growing too fast.

Mommy of Many Hats said...

We had a similar scenario with our boys, both Owen & Adam, although it wasn't just speech. Adam actually qualified for the special ed five day a week preschool program at age three. (He has autism.) It was so rough to send him off to school so little. I'm so glad your little guy is doing so well and enjoying himself. That is so awesome!