Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pee Pee

I pulled down our little potty about 2months ago for Emily (she was 18 months). I really tried with her but she just didn't get it. I never put the potty away and then last week she started saying "pee, pee". So we've begun again. I know it's a little early but Maddie was accident free at 21months. Emily will be 20 months next week. Since last week this girl strips down to her nothen's everytime she dirty's a diaper or she wants to go sit on the toilet. Monday I was sick and really didn't have the energy to take her potty. She ran around the house most the day naked because I couldn't keep a diaper or panites on her but she pee'd 4 times in the toilet. Yesterday she did very well again. This morning she woke up, came running into my bedroom saying "pee pee". I rolled over felt her diaper and it was warm. Assuming she had already wet her diaper I tried distracting her but she wouldn't have it. I kicked myself out of bed took her to the potty and she actually went. If we can keep this up she just may follow in her sister's footsteps and be potty trained by 21 months. We have about 5 weeks so wish us well.


Camille said...

Freaking awesome!! I keep getting the potty down for Noah and he shows interest in it, but has never gone. So we'll keep waiting until he's ready. Boys are around 3 on average, but I was hoping for SOONER! Go Emily!!!
By the way, you guys don't have to feel bad for not coming. We knew you wouldn't be coming, but announcing!

Henlines said...

That's great! Potty training is such a pain! I hope you're feeling better.

Lisa said...

AWWWW what a good girl!!!!! Rock on Emy!!