Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Christmas Day 2018

The kiddo's went to be about 9:30pm on Christmas Eve. They wanted to go to bed early to make sure Santa would come. A little after 11pm I was woken up to the worse sounds ever! Kylie was throwing up. Ughhhh..... After a quick bath, change of clothes, change of sheets she climbed back into bed ready for Santa to come. She puked 3 more times in that hour. I finally had just sat at the end of the bed waiting for that next moment. Being already awake I kept checking my phones for texts. My sister in law Miranda had been admitted to the hospital the previous day (23rd) due to complications in her pregnancy. Baby didn't come on the 23rd and they were hoping to have her on Christmas Eve. A little bit before midnight I got a text saying the doctor had been called and Miranda was about ready to start to push. So exciting! And then nothing until almost after 3am. I new something had gone wrong!

Baby Jayne was born at 12:53 am on Christmas Morning. But she wasn't breathing and remained unresponsive for about 45 minutes. For several minutes she did not have a heart beat and the nurses were performing cpr on her. How scary! With the help of amazing doctors, nurses and many many prayers Baby Jayne began breathing again. Baby will probably remain in the NICU for the next week or two but we are all praying and hoping that she will recover quickly from the lack of oxygen and be a normal baby girl!

7am came awfully early for me!

So excited for a battery operated toothbrush. 

All this girl wanted was a mini skateboard. 

 Maddie's been sewing lately and wanted her own tools. 

Poor baby girl! 

Hunter was pretty stoked about the Alexa Santa brought him. 

With a sick little girl our family stuck to ourselves and had a quiet and relaxing Christmas Day!
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa 2018

Christmas Eve early afternoon we decided to take the kids to the "cheap" theater and see Small Foot. The boys refused to let me take their picture! 

When we got home I started making our pizza dough that we would need later. I puposely made extra so the we could have a cinnamon roll wreath for breakfast morning. 

This cutie pie was a great help. We keep teasing her that all she wants for Christmas this year is her 2 front teeth!

 It's going to be yummy!

Last year we invited Grandpa and Grandma Heaton to spend Christmas Eve with us. The kids had so much fun last year with them that we did it again.

 Everyone was able to make their very own mini pizza. 

After dinner someone knocked on our door. 
This has never happened to us before... It was Santa!
Apparently Santa is a close friend to Grandma Heaton. 
The little kids could hard believe that Santa had come to our house. 

After Santa left we made our Graham Cracker Natitvity scenes. Uncle Kirk was visiting Grandma and Grandpa so he came along too. 

Maddie's final project. 



The toothpicks started out representing the arrows that were shot at Samuel the Lamanite. Then it quickly turned into a porqupine on the roof there to protect baby Jesus from the soliders sent to kill every baby. 


We had Grandma and Grandpa open our gifts to them. We gave Grandma a plaque that said "I choose Joy". Grandpa got a box of shotgun shells and .22 bullets. 

We sure enjoy our one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa. It's nice having them living in Cedar City. Just a little bit closer to us. 

We ended our night opening our new matching p.j's (a request by Maddie) 
and wathcing the 4th Wise Man together.

Before going to bed the kids made sure to leave treats our for Santa and his reindeer with a little note.

This Christmas Season has been so less hectic than years past. I think we've all enjoyed the season a little bit better. I have learned this year that less is more, especially during the December month.
 Merry Christmas!