Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Look Who's 14!

How does this happen?
I have a 14 year old. I sure find all these upcoming birthdays bitter sweet!

Hunter loves saltine crackers. At Costco, I saw this huge box and couldn't resist!
New clothes, a jacket, a water back pack for all our hiking adventures, xbox game, goggles, hot cheeto's and Dr. Pepper. What else could a kid ask for?

For dinner, he had his favorite, Green Chille Burro's.  

and for dessert, another ice cream roll cake! 
Happy Birthday to this young man! As any teenager he loves all electronics. But he also loves his rip stick and rides it most weeks to both church on Sunday mornings and also to mutual. He plays his cello really well! He's learning how to play the guitar and also the Piano. He loves music. This kid plays by ear. He'll hear a catchy tune on the radio and then go ping it out on the piano. I love him! He likes to read and be in the kitchen. He will quite often make brownies, homemade ice cream, popcorn, fruit smoothies, or eggs! I think he may have a slight sweet tooth! This kid gets straight A's and very rarely has to study for them. School and learning new things just come easily to him. I can't wait to see how far this young man will take himself in life!
Happy Birthday! 

Brayden's Accident

Tuesday Brayden had a little accident on his way to school!

My neighbor has recently received her Notary license and stamp. She accepted her 1st Notary job and knowing that I didn't work on Tuesday asked if I could go with her that morning to shadow her, just be there if she had any questions. We were meeting the couple and Lin's Grocery Store here in town at 8 am. My 2 older kids would already be at school. Knowing we would be done in about 30 minutes, I told Brayden that at 8:30 he could ride his bike with a neighbor friend to school. I asked Emily to stay home with Kylie and that when I got back she could then ride her bike to school or I would drive her. 

The Notary job for my neighbor went great! The wife was about 15 min late so by the time we were done it was 8:45 am. As usual my phone had been on silent during "work". Walking out to my van I saw that I had 2 missed phone calls. One from a number I didn't recognize and one from the "kids cell". I called the kids cell back thinking it was probably Emily wondering if I was on my way home yet. To my disbelief a strange, deep male voice answered the phone. Immediately, I asked, "Who is This?" I was trying NOT to panic. But seriously, who the heck was at my house, with my girls, answering our cell phone?? This voice proceeds to tell me who they are which I totally missed as I was trying to tame my inner panic! This person proceeds to tell me that they had witnessed Brayden crash his bike on the way to school. This kind stranger had stopped the car, asked Brayden for his mom's number so that I could be called and tell me what had happened. I of course didn't answer my phone. Brayden then tells this stranger that his mom is at work in St. George. This kind stranger loaded his bike and my little man and drove him to the school so that the nurses could help him. I still couldn't fathom why this person had our cell phone and where were my girls??? My phone started to beep as another call was coming in and I realized that I hadn't called the kids cell but in fact called the unknown number that had called me earlier. Oops!
I drove right to the school. Brayden was pretty banged up. His nose and knee was still bleeding, he had blood down his shirt. He wanted to come home. So I brought my little man home and doctored him up. 

Emily made it to school although a bit late! Before she had even got there the word was out that Brayden had been hit by a car! What??? One story was that it was a hit and run, another that he rode his bike into the street and got hit. What was even crazier was the story about where his mom was, I was in St. George shopping with girl friends, I was working in St. George and I was out for a run! Wow!!! After a few more texts I finally took it to social media. Wanted to make sure everyone knew that Brayden was NOT hit by a car, it was NOT a hit and Run and I was NOT out shopping with girl friends. It's amazing how quickly an incident turns into a story and keeps going...... Although it made for an interesting day I am so, so, so gratetfull that my handsome little guy was NOT hit by a car! He thinks he ran over a rock, lost control for a moment and ran into the fence!

Cake Auction

This year the Young Women in our ward is having a cake auction. This is how they will earn money to go to Girls Camp. Madelyn searched and searched trying to find something unique and different. Being our Ward is made up of many, many older couples when she saw this idea on Pinterest she knew it was what she wanted to do. 

Good Job!

Spring Break 2017

Oh how I love Spring Break! This year our break happened early it seemed, in March! Although I'm glad it's here I hope the rest of the school year doesn't drag on by!!!! 
Last year was my first year working for H&R Block and spring break came and went and I had to work it. This year I was better prepared and planned for it!

On Monday I worked all day so the kids got to play xbox, watch netflix, play on the ipad and computer. It was an all out be on electronic as much as you'd like kind of day... cause Mom's gone all day!

Tuesday's I have off. So I planned a hiking trip with 4 other Momma's. 
We packed a little picnic for our lunch.  

We love this hike because of all the water! 
It was still really cold. Crazy kids couldn't stay out of it. 

With only 5 Mom's and 20+ kids we only went so far as the rope! No way were any of us ready to tackle helping all the little's hang onto the rope to get to the other side. If one of them let go I did NOT want to have to jump into the water to get them!!
So pretty here. 

Hunter squeezing himself up and through small wholes in the rock. 

Brayden, admitting the water was pretty cold. 

These 2 girls use to live on the same street. Now that we've moved they don't get to play together as often as they would like. So fun to be together again. 

So nice to spend the majority of the day enjoying the great outdoors, mingling with old friends, making new friends and just being with my kids. 

Wednesday is my long day, I go in after lunch so I took the kids to the park for lunch.   
Our neighbor came with us. Madelyn helping little Ava who just turned 2 up the ladder. 

Kylie loves going to her :favorite" park. Her favorite thing to do is to be given an under-dog! 

 Brayden loves the slide! Running up it, running down it and jumping off it. He is so quick when he plays tag with his friends. 

Miss Emily just loves being in the sun!

Thursday, I don't have to work until 3 I met up with some other momma's at the Washington County Rec Center. For $5 a piece everyone can do whatever they want. Our first stop was the rock climbing wall since everyone was dry! Brayden loves this!!

Kylie waiting patiently to get to the pool. She's too short to do the rock climbing wall. 

It's Swim time...

Emily with her friend Rachel.

Kylie going down the kiddie slide. 

Emily and Kylie. 

Hunter and Madelyn spent most of their time playing basketball with the other teenagers. Brayden spent most of his time with his friends going down the big kid slide and hang'n in the lazy river. I got to sit in a chair, snap pictures of my youngest and talk with the other mom's. Another great day spending it with friends.  

On Friday, I had to work again but just in the afternoon. We spent the morning cleaning the house and then before I left for work all the kids had been invited to a few different friends houses. I dropped them all off and then left for work. I think we had a successful Spring Break even though this momma had to work a bit. I certainly did try!

Valentines 2017

It's Valentines Day!
The kids love, love, love the tradition of waking up to a red table cloth covered in candy! This year I did all chocolate!

I even made everyone's lunches for them today. Heart shaped sandwiches! 

Had to have heart shaped pancakes too!  

We've been working on our Valentines boxes for a few days now. 
Brayden made Pikachu from Poke Mon. 

Emily made a locker. 

Kylie made a unicorn. 

Hunter had eaten and gone by the time I pulled the camera out. Kory was installing out of town so it was just us. I had to work for H&R Block this Valentines Day. Instead of getting off at 6 I didn't get home until almost 8. Longest day ever!!!!! I had plans on making homemade heart shaped pizzas but being the time that it was I stopped by Papa Murphy's on my way home and bought one of their pre-made pizzas so all I had to do was bake it. Totally lame......I know. I seriously don't know how full time working mom's do it! 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Christensen Christmas

This weekend the Christensen Clan got together to celebrate Christmas and New Years!
My sister, Sheri and her youngest Jesse. Just taking a moment for snuggles. 

After our Christmas feast the boys, my brothers and Dad started on the dishes!
Travis, Jonathan, Matt and Dad. 

While the adults were finishing up with the cleaning upstairs.... The kiddo's were down stairs waiting patiently to open gifts.

These 2 oldest girls were playing a game on Carlaya's phone. 

Cousin Elena kept giving the younger girls piggy back rides. My Kylie sure loves her cousin!

The boys of course were taking turns playing on Uncle Jason's Xbox.

It's almost time!!
Look at all those beautiful girl cousins!
Emily 10, Brionney 4, Elena 7, Mya 6, Carlaya 12, Kylie 4, Madelyn 12

Every Christmas my siblings and I exchange names. We then buy a gift for that sibling and their family. We say to keep it under $30.  

Grandma and Grandpa bought everyone a jacket! On the front it say's, "I belong the Christensen Bunch" with a picture of purple grapes. So cute!

This year our family had Sheri! There family is pretty big into sharks. So we bought them a shark book. Wanting more than just a book I was able to find shark print socks for the whole family! The kids socks I found on clearance so we were still under our $30. For fun we threw in a bag of sweedish fish. It was a hit! Sheri ended up having us this year too! Knowing our popcorn popper was on it's last day's we were given a new popcorn popper with popcorn spices!

During our weekend gathering Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Camille brought a new game!
Each person puts this piece in their mouth that stretches your lips. You then read a sentence off a card and everyone one else guesses what you are saying. So funny! Who knew how much we used our lips to speak!

Aunt Hanna

Aunt Christina

Uncle Jonathan


Aunt Hanna, Aunt Christina, Aunt Camille, Cousing Valorie Gubler, Uncle Jason, Aunt Donna Gubler, in the back...Uncle Jonathan and myself.

After the speaking game some of these crazy people I call family decided to try to have a eating contest with the New Years snack table!
Aunt Camille won! She chewed her cracker down like a chipmunk. So fun to watch.
Happy New Year!

Christmas Day 2016

It Christmas Morning at our house! 
After keeping the kiddo's up a little late last night hoping they'd have an easier time going to sleep 7a.m comes too soon for some. They all wanted to sleep together once more. Not wanting Santa to wake them they took their mattresses into the "office" to sleep for the night!
It always amazes me that it's the older kids that wake up first and then insist on waking the younger ones!

And she's up!

Brayden loves his army men. He builds them forts outside using rocks, sticks and mom's scotch tape. If he's inside Legos can usually be found that have been turned into forts for his little guys. Santa decided to bring him an army airplane with army guys! 

Little Kylie loves the Disney Movie Frozen! All she wanted was a Elsa or Anna Doll. How excited she was to see Anna with a ride able Sven. 

During girls camp earlier this year one of the girls brought a camera with her. You take a picture and if you want you can have it print the picture right there and then. She was quite excited to read those directions and start taking pictures! 

Emily also having a friend with the same type of camera also asked for one.
I think we're gong to have enough cameras to go around in this household.  

Santa brought Hunter a drone.
 Brayden trying to help his big brother put it together while carrying his army plane around with him. 

This year I didn't put names on the packages. I used one type of wrapping paper for each child trying to keep the excitement, wonder and guessing game going. Miss Emily loves to draw! I found this pack of gel pens from Costco this year and thought she'd love it!  It was one of the early gifts wrapped and put under the tree. Because of it's odd, partly round shaped packaged it quickly became one of the most talked about gifts all season long! Who was this odd shaped gift for and what could it possibly be? We had all sorts of guesses. A baby doll for Kylie, a mini bow for Brayden, 

How excited Emily was to find out that the most talked about gift for weeks now was going to be her's! This fun experience, all done by accident no less was so fun! Got to keep my eye out for more odd shaped packages or boxes for next year!

Miss Kylie loves to dress up! Emily giving her a little box of lego's was quite the hit!

Every year we give our kids 3 gifts on top of what Santa gives them. After friends, grandparents and cousins giving them gifts too it's crazy the amount of fun things they are given. This year Grandma Heaton gave Emily a little box of scrap fabric, scissors, pins, sewing needle and thread to make different crafts. 

Madelyn knew Hunter was giving Brayden a bow and arrow. She decided to make him a home made target all on her own. Having her younger sisters help they went through my fabric stash and made him a Minecraft target using nothing but felt, scissors and a glue gun. 

Kylie loves dresses! That's almost all the girl wears. She was quite thrilled to be given long sleeve dresses with legging underneath. Help keep that little girl stay warm but wearing what she loves. 

My kids are growing up, specifically my older 2. Sometime's Christmas and Birthday Gifts can be so hard!!!! They don't play with toys anymore, they can be kind of picky about clothes and shoes and their fellow teenage friends are so into electronics that it sometimes rubs off on them. So this year I let them help pick their own gifts. And just so it's on record....I hated it! I wanted Christmas morning to be a surprise, to not know what was wrapped underneath the Christmas Tree.  Madelyn chose her boots several months ago and they've been sitting on top of my closet since. She say's she had actually forgotten about them it had been so long. The only thing this girl wanted was a bag, a traveling bag, like a suit case bag. What??? Apparently she's trying to be prepared for  girls camp in umm... like 6 months from now or how about Volley Ball camp also in 6-7 months. She says she'll also use the bag for Volleyball next fall that won't be for another 9 months! Says she'll keep her volleyball and shoes in it. Alrighty then.... We looked at stores, looked online and she finally found a bag she liked on Amazon. Sure hoping we can find a good use for this said bag that isn't 6 months from now. Getting a new volleyball and Captain America pajama bottoms were at least a bit of a surprise. The camera and book from her favorite author that Santa brought her was also a great surprise! 

My oldest! He too is crazy hard to buy for. He wanted new clothes and video games for his Xbox that he recently bought. This young man of mine loved lego's. He's kept good track of them! He put several sets together and then sold them on ebay. Using that money he bought himself a new Xbox. Way to go Hunter! So I can understand wanting video games although for 13 years now we've purposely left most electronics out of our Christmases. What 13 year old boy asks for new clothes?? Specifically, he wanted gym shorts with matching dry silk shirts! Glad he was happy with them. Hunter also loves playing the cello so had to get him a new book for that. This mom relented and with Hunter's help we bought him 2 new games for his Xbox. Both are rated M (for mature) due to the fowl language which I wasn't happy about but according to many reviews online there is a setting that can be changed to take out the swearing making it more appropriate for this 13 year old. He too was excited about his new book that Santa brought along with a lime drone that had already been put on the charger for use. 

One of Kylie's new gifts was Old Maid... letter style. Oh how fun! Sitting around the table playing games with those I love the most.  

Love this picture of Daddy helping Kylie!

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year. After gifts we made us a yummy sausage, egg and muffin breakfast. The kids were able to enjoy their gifts until we headed off for a special Sacrament Meeting at 1pm this year. After church Sheri's family, Mom and Dad, Matt and Miranda and GGpa and Pat came over for a Cafe Rio style dinner. We're saving the turkey feast for next weekend when all my siblings will be gathered together.  We had a great, relaxed, enjoying each other kids of day. I love my family. 
Merry Christmas!!!!