Friday, October 05, 2018

Lake Powell 2018

I love, love, love Lake Powell. I never knew how much I would love sitting on the sand watching my kids play by themselves or with friends. I love visiting with the other adults. I love taking pictures of my kids "joy". I love being on the boat. I love the warmth on my face, the breeze in my hair. I love the memories we make. 

This trip Hunter stayed home so that he could attend our Stakes Youth Conference. So we brought cousin Carlaya. 

 I love this picture. Madelyn is just about to get thrown off. I think she feels it coming. Brayden is loving the moment with his hands up high. Carlaya is enjoying the ride with no idea what is about to happen. 

I missed Brayden flying through the air. Being he wasn't holding on at the moment he didn't have a chance. Madelyn is flying over. She wasn't able to maintain her grip.

And there goes Carlaya! 

They love it!
They do it over and over again! 
Emily looks a little scared!
And then she's having the time of her life. 
I love the facial expressions caught. 

I think this is my favorite picture of all time! 
The girl in the middle catches the hand of the little girl flying off. She literally hangs on to her and pulls her back onto the tube. It was AMAZING to watch in person. It's great I caught in all on camera.  

When the Dads were tired of being out on the water we took a break from the sun. 
Playing card games in the trailer! 

When they got tired of playing our games or with each other they'd wander off to find the other kiddo's in our group.

Brayden loves to paddle board! He's getting pretty good at it.

Kylie loves her floating Hippo and Turtle.

One of our friends had this giant floating carpet. The boys would wrestle and jump off. It kept the kiddo's entertained for hours. 

We rented a jet ski again. 
Kory and our friend Secoya. She was the "flag" girl. 

They were pulling kids on the tube too.
Madelyn and Carlaya.  

 The girls taking a turn on the floating carpet. 

Funny thing happened this trip. All the little girls aged 6 and under were playing on the carpet. We were having very little wind so no one bothered to anchor the carpet to shore. We noticed that the girls were drifting a little bit but they all had their life jackets on and they were still pretty close to shore so we didn't do anything about it.  After several boats went flying by it really brought in some waves which pushed the girls out even further. They hadn't noticed and continued to play and jump in and out of the water off the carpet. Us parents noticed but none of us wanted to swim out to get them. We had already changed out of our swim suits.  When we saw some of the teenage girls coming back on a kayak we hollered out to them to bring the little girls back. 

When they got closer Kory went out and dragged them back in. The girls had no idea how far out they had been. It was kind of funny! I think they would have freaked a bit knowing how far out they had been. But they were to busy laughing and giggling while playing a silly game.   

Till next time......

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Kylie is officially 6

Kylie is definetly the baby of our family!
Teasingly I told her I didn't want her to turn 6. I didn't want her to get any bigger! I wanted her to quit growing and stay my little girl forever and ever. Well she decided she wanted the same thing. 
She wanted to stay 5! 

She didn't want to hear it. 

It took a little coaxing but we finally got her to hold up 6 fingers. 

 She asked for her favorite breakfast, french toast! 

Blow that candle out! 

We are going to Lake Powell tommorow and she tells everyone who will listen that we are going for her birthday. She thinks that is her big gift! We usually go to Powell the weekend after Labor Day. Her birthday just happened to fall on the day before. So this awesom Mom let her believe that we were going to Powell for her birthday. She is so excited!

The big turtle is her Lake Powell gift. A new water toy.  

Kylie didn't want a baked cake. She wanted a cheese cake from Costco. This crazy house of ours has kept me busy this week so I was all for a Costco run. 

She refused to hold up 6 the normal way. 
Whatever... as long as it all adds up to 6 

This sweet girl of ours loves school. Her kindergarten year is quickly coming to an end and she is going to miss her teacher and her friends. She is a great student and is really picking up on the reading. Kylie loves art. She is always drawing, painting, making sculptures or writing a story to go with her art work. She loves to be outside riding her bike or just playing in the dirt. She loves barbies and babies and being with her family. We sure love you sweet girl!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Kylie turns 6

My baby turned 6. 
How did this happen?
This sweet girl is the perfect "caboose" to our family. 

This year she was so excited to learn she got to have a "friends" birthday party. We invited all of the girls in her kindergarten class and her primary class. We had 17 of the 18 girls invited come. It was a bit overwhelming at times but I survived. Kylie loves art. She loves to draw and paint and create with play doh. So that was the theme for her party. 

The first thing we did while waiting for everyone to arrive was decorating a white lunch bag to put all their fun stuff in to take home with. They had markers and stickers to decorate with. 
When all the girls had arrived we put an apron on everyone and let them paint their very own canvas. In the middle of that canvas was a sticker of a unicorn. 

The girls spent almost 20 minutes just painting their canvas. They loved it.  While I quickly cleaned up the paint, the girls moved to our next station. Maddie gave everyone some playdoh to create their own sculptures. Everyone had their very own rolling pin. We had buttons in all shapes and sizes along with some googly eyes. When they were done the girls put their playdoh, rolling pin and little baggie of buttons and eyes in their white bag they had decorated. 

After playdoh we played "pin the paint brush onto Kylies hand". I think this was my favorite game. I loved how Kylie's picture turned out. I took her picture and then in photo shop turned it into a coloring page and had in printed out. Then I put paint all over her hair and blew it around using a straw. I love the way it looked, very artsy! 

Next we got to shoot at a sheet for Kylies bed with paint filled water guns. I already had them filled and sitting on a cookie sheet. Last year I bought 3 packages of water guns for $1 each on clearance from WalMart. I had 36 water guns. I was going to use them for a valentines gift to classmates but then thought twice about sending my daughter to school with guns. Its pretty obvious they are water guns and seriously what 5 year old would think a water gun is wrong but you never know about some parents so I played it safe and kept them. 

The end result was awesome! I loved it. 

After our water gun fun the girls were given their own cupcake on a painters pallete. I was so busy that taking pictures was almost impossible to do! The pallete held their cupcake along with 4 different kinds of sprinkles they could decorate their cupcakes with. Because there were so many girls I frosted the cupcakes first so all they had to do was decorate them. The girls got to take their paint pallete home too. 

While the girls ate their cupcakes Miss Kylie opened her presents. 
 I had one more activity planned but the girls had spent so much time painting their canvas that we ran out of time. Parents started arriving when Kylie was opening her gifts. 
I had so much fun planning this party for my baby girl. Kylie thought it was the "bestest" party ever. 

When the girls parent came to pick them up I quickly pulled the unicorn sticker off their canvas so they went home with a finished project. Most of the canvas's were dry thanks to our 100+ temperatures. I think they turned out so good! 

Before going to bed I remembered to snap a quick picture of Kylie and her loot. 
She was so happy to be given all her "artsy" stuff. I know it will keep this little girl happy for hours. 
Happy Birthday sweet pea!
I love you!

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Brayden turns 9

Brayden recently turned 9. Unfortunately we were having issues with our computer and all my birthday pictures were lost. It makes me so mad when this happens! Especially when I find my external hard drive was un plugged (for someone's ipod to be charged) from the computer for the automatic scheduled back ups. 

All Brayden wanted for his birthday was to have his family go to the local "Ninja Warrior Gym". So taking our family there was his biggest gift. Everyone had a great time!
Brayden walking on a barrell.

Madelyn swinging loop to loop. This girl had blisters in the first 5 minutes we were there. 

Emily working the monkey bars. 

Emily and Brayden running up the wall and seeing what color of bar they could grab onto.  The wall is much steeper than it looks. 

Kylie had a rock wall to climb.

More upper body strength for Hunter. 

Brayden could swing loop to loop across the room. I could hardly believe it. He did amazing!

Brayden grabs the loop and then seriously slides across the roof and lands on a mat. 

No way I could do that! But oh how much fun we had!
So glad we decided to make Brayden's birthday wish come true. Such fun memories we made. 

I love this little man of mine. He keeps us guessing and laughing around here. He's a smart young man that loves to read books about spiders, bugs, creepy crawlies and all sorts of animals. If he sees us an insect he can usually tell us what it is, what it eats, who eats it and how long it lives. I learned real quick not to argue with him about these things because 99% of the time he is correct! 

This little man is about to finish up 3rd grade. He loves school. Loves to play dodgeball at recess and is a great student. He is so happy and content with life. He loves to play legos and be outside! 
I sure love him.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Hunter turns 15!

This handsome young man turned 15!
I don't know where the time has gone. Seems like just yesterday he was a toddler at my feet. He was a little boy asking me to play dinosaurs, to push him on the swing, to do a puzzle with him or to paint with him. I miss him being little but I am enjoying these teenage years with him so far. He makes me laugh! Hunter is helpful. If asked he'll make dinner by himself, he'll do laundry he'll even clean the bathrooms.  He's been great to help us work on our remodel project with little complaint. 

I let Hunter skip school to take him to the DMV. How fun to get your permit ON your birthday!

He passed the written test and then passed his eye exam. 
He walked out holding his permit!

To celebrate I took him to lunch at his favorite restaraunt. La Pitta's Mexican Restaraunt. 

And then afterwards.... he drove us home! 
 Kylie is in afternoon kidnergarten so she was with us all morning. On the way home from lunch she sat in the back talking the whole way home. She had us both laughing! She was saying, "Good Job Hunter! You're driving so good!" and "Hunter your going the speed limit. That's awesome!" and "Hunter you are driving so good make sure you don't hit anything." and "Hunter remember I have school soon. So please drive safe. I don't want to be late!" and "Hunter, Did you know you could drive so good?" and "Hunter, now make sure you listen to Mom, she's been driving for forever ya know." and finally, "Hunter, please drive safe. I want to go to school today so please don't get in an accident." She was an absolute riot on our 4 min drive home. 

Hunter did a great job driving us home!