Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Cedar City Temple

We've been pretty excited for the Cedar Temple to be built. Part of it is pure selfishness. I have been trying to take Hunter and Madelyn to the temple to do baptisms before school once a month. The baptistry opens each morning at 6 am. There have been many occasions that when we walk into the temple at 5:55 or 6:05 a.m  there is already a 45 min - 1 1/2 hour wait! It's crazy!!!! If it's more than a 30 min wait we end up leaving because the kids won't make it to school on time.  So the selfishness in us is hoping that once the temple is dedicated our temple will be less crowded! 

We chose to get our tickets to the open house in the middle of the week. It was still super crazy busy!

Afterwards we took the family to Brad's Food Hut for some dinner.  

Maddie wanted a selfie with all the girls! 

She tried to get the boys involved but being typical boys none of them wanted their picture taken!
What a fun evening for our family! 


One early Saturday morning while the family was working at cutting the cement in the master bath Brayden was sent outside to collect a tool. He came back in with no tool but something pretty amazing! He had seen a butterfly outside that landed on top of a wood pile. Brayden said all he did was hold his finger right up next to it and it walked right onto his finger. To say he was excited was an understatement. This is our little scientist. He loves all insects and bugs. He loves to read about them and loves to watch them grow!

Super fun! After the family oohed and aahed he took the butterfly back outside where it quickly flew away! What an awesome moment for this little man!


It's that time of year of again! 
Got to get wood to keep us warm during the winter months. We did things a little different this year. Every time we drove to Alton to go hunting we'd spend a few hours early afternoon collecting wood. Then we'd come home, unload it and the kids would play. 

They worked on building there wood fort for several weeks. They never did figure out a way to put on a roof but they sure had fun building the walls. 

When the trailer was emptied, Dad would leave it lifted. The kids love, love, loved using it as a slide!

Silly kids!

Cow Elk

Another hunting season has come and gone that Hunter, Madelyn nor Kory has drawn a tag. So when we learned that the Wild Life Game Management had cow elk tags after the season that could be bought for $50, we jumped on it. We bought one for Hunter and Madelyn. 

The first 2 trips we were skunked! The third trip we drove around the corner and came right up to the heard. To say we were NOT ready was an understatement. The dang guns were still in their zippered bags in the back seat, while the bullets were up front on the floor. Oops!  But moving as quickly and quietly as possible Hunter got the gun ready, climbed out of the truck and shot off 2 rounds, Kory thinking Hunter had missed grabbed the gun and fired off another shot while the herd went running. We knew one had been hit. Luckily it didn't get to far before he dropped. She had been hit twice!
Hunter was pretty excited! 

We went a handful of more times but never did find that herd again! Madelyn never did get the chance to shoot at one. Maybe next time.....

Spaghetti Sauce

We did not have a garden this year knowing that Kory and I were leaving the country for a few weeks. We have really missed not having those fresh vegetables around. I went to the red barn to buy apples and discovered a few cases left of tomatoes that would be perfect to turn into spaghetti sauce.  Early Saturday morning we started this big project. Everyone helped! 
Emily working the grinder.

Kylie helped the skins come out the end with a wooden spoon. 

Emilys turn cutting while Madelyn takes her turn at the crusher. 

Hunter helped me cut up the onions. Our eyes were watering so bad! He disappeared for a moment and came back wearing his swim goggles. He wouldn't let me take a pict so this was the best I got. He said it helped some!

Kory and Brayden helped by setting up our outdoor grill and tables. When they were up and ready they too took turns cutting up tomatoes and helping grind them all down. 

In the end we had just over 70 jars of homemade spaghetti sauce! Not to bad for a Saturday.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Home Coming Week

My little's love, love, love homecoming week. They wear the high school colors red and black and we get to face paint. Then during school lunch the high school football team and cheerleaders eat lunch with the kids and plays with them outside. After lunch the whole school gets to go outside and sit along with the sidewalk and watch every single group/team you can be apart of in high school go past them during a small parade.    

Brayden came home super excited! He challenged a football player at recess to see who could do the most push ups! Brayden won!! I hope Brayden will grow up to be just as kind and considerate as the young man who "lost" the challenge. It totally made my little man's day! 

Go Tigers....... 

Kylie didn't want face paint, nor did she want her picture taken. However, she did let me apply a little paint to her hand. Then a friend who was helping with the kindergarten class during the parade sent me this picture. Yay! I got one of her anyways. Little stinker! 

Love that my kiddo's love to participate at school. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Bristol Blue

Wednesday, Sept 6th,  was our last day to play tourist!
And even then it was only 1/2 a day. We had a flight to catch early that afternoon from Bristol back to Edinburgh. Then tomorrow morning at 8 am we checked in at the airport to begin our long flight home! Yippee! We had been gone for 17 days. We were both ready to go home. 

Neither one of us was interested in seeing another castle or cathedral or museum. We wanted to see something different. The night before Kory discovered the perfect place. It was called Bristol Blue Glass. A manufacturer who allows people into his shop to watch the process. Best part was that it was free and we were able to park right in front of the shop for free too! 

Watching their process was so cool to see. This woman was working on an order of glass Christmas bulbs. She probably made 5 keepers from start to finish in the 1 1/2 hours we were there. One of her bulbs burst in the oven, another one of them came out with a hole on the side and it seems like another one was just lopsided and wasn't cooperating so she threw the hardening glass back into the fire. .  

This young man was making fluted glasses/goblets.  

This young man was helping with the ornaments and the fluted glasses. When he gets the round shape he likes he blows into the end of his stick which blows air into the center of the hot glass creating a glass bubble. Then he shapes the bubble again working back and forth until he gets the size and shaped wanted. When it's the size wanted they use a sharp knife to "pop" the end of the bubble. Thus making it a goblet or an ornament.   

The top part of the goblet is done. Now another worker brings him a hot glob of clear glass. They touch and the hot glass just kind of sticks to the red glass.  He molds it to be part of the future flute of the goblet. 

Now he's adding the bottom of the fluted piece, the stand for the goblet. This goblet had a total of 3 different pieces of hot glass . Once it's all put together then it goes into the fire. 

Bristol Blue Glass several years ago was contracted to make some of the goblets in the Harry Potter movies. Their store shows the "extras" that were made for the order and pictures of the Harry Potter scenes that used the goblets. Kind of cool!  

After our fun visit we headed back to our hotel and packed our things. Drove to the airport, dropped off our rental car and began our long journey home!

Good Bye car!

After an 11+ hour flight home the next day, followed by the drive home. 
We finally made it home!
This sweet girl was so excited to have her mom back.  

She even talked her Dad into walking her into her class room. Best picture ever! Taken with a crappy 
cell phone camera through the windshield while raining outside. 
But it's one of my favorites!

We had fun! 
We saw amazing things. Saw. read and learned amazing history. It gave me the "bug" to travel more and see our world.  I am so glad we were able to take this trip, to learn a little more about where I come from.  
Now it's time to spend some time at home making our own little history. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Roman Baths

Tuesday, September 5th. We drove from Bristol to Bath which was only about a 30 min drive. The hardest part was once again finding a dang parking lot to park in. Only residents of the homes on the other side of the wall are allowed to park on the street or apparently the sidewalk. 

We have seen so many castles, cathedrals and old historic buildings that I wasn't to excited to see the Roman Baths. However, I was pleasantly surprised! We saw and touched some amazing artifacts. It really was pretty cool to see. 

After we paid our entrance fee we were asked to climb the stairs to the very top and work our way down. So at the top we were able to look over into the baths. 

Above us, also looking down into the baths were many statues of elite soldiers and conquers that played an important part in History. 


This is what the Romans Bath looked like at one point. 

This was part of an entryway.

 We saw a lot of interesting and super old artifacts! 

 It's hard to believe that these Roman Bath's are so old!
There were 8 bags of money found buried in a corner that are now on display.  

These coins were on the earth before Christ. 

This is a real skeleton remain found in a wooden coffin that had been made from wood. The wood coffin had decayed and was not salvageable to be put on display. However the cloth inside the coffin can be seen under his remains.  Using today's science a replica of what this man would have looked like can be seen. Awesome! 

 Possible worshiping statues, water and oil pitchers, plates, utensils all found either in the Roman Bath or in this specific area.  

The natural warm springs comes in one side and fills up 2 main pools. 

At one point the pools and saunas could be used by any sex, male or female. But do to the frolicking that accured in the pools they were eventually separated. One was designated for females,the other males.  
Next to each pool was a sauna. At one time there would have been slabs of rock on top of all those stacks of hot rock. Boiler's built under ground would keep these rooms super hot. With the boilers and the natural warm water running between all the stacks of rock it became quite the sauna inside. 

Leaving the building we were able to have some fresh hot water from the spring.  
 It tasted minerally and very warm!

After leaving the baths, we did a little grocery shopping for breakfast and wandered around town. 
This sign was taped to a front door. 
Does it really work?

The driving/parking here cracks me up!

Most of the time people are parked on the side of the road but also on the sidewalk. And they aren't parked facing the direction of the flow of traffic. 

Every once in a while on the highway we'll a passing lane.

Then there's this guy who apparently is passing the parked car but then we watched him continue to drive on that dotted line until an oncoming car came and made him get back into his own lane. 

 Then you've got these cars who park in front of homes on the grass. 
Several times we have passed a bus who has pulled over to let it's passengers off or to collect more people. The surrounding cars don't STOP, so they don't even slow down! They just drive around the bus. Meanwhile people are crossing the road ON the cross walk with cars swerving around them. It's really crazy to see.