Friday, March 16, 2018

Roman Baths

Tuesday, September 5th. We drove from Bristol to Bath which was only about a 30 min drive. The hardest part was once again finding a dang parking lot to park in. Only residents of the homes on the other side of the wall are allowed to park on the street or apparently the sidewalk. 

We have seen so many castles, cathedrals and old historic buildings that I wasn't to excited to see the Roman Baths. However, I was pleasantly surprised! We saw and touched some amazing artifacts. It really was pretty cool to see. 

After we paid our entrance fee we were asked to climb the stairs to the very top and work our way down. So at the top we were able to look over into the baths. 

Above us, also looking down into the baths were many statues of elite soldiers and conquers that played an important part in History. 


This is what the Romans Bath looked like at one point. 

This was part of an entryway.

 We saw a lot of interesting and super old artifacts! 

 It's hard to believe that these Roman Bath's are so old!
There were 8 bags of money found buried in a corner that are now on display.  

These coins were on the earth before Christ. 

This is a real skeleton remain found in a wooden coffin that had been made from wood. The wood coffin had decayed and was not salvageable to be put on display. However the cloth inside the coffin can be seen under his remains.  Using today's science a replica of what this man would have looked like can be seen. Awesome! 

 Possible worshiping statues, water and oil pitchers, plates, utensils all found either in the Roman Bath or in this specific area.  

The natural warm springs comes in one side and fills up 2 main pools. 

At one point the pools and saunas could be used by any sex, male or female. But do to the frolicking that accured in the pools they were eventually separated. One was designated for females,the other males.  
Next to each pool was a sauna. At one time there would have been slabs of rock on top of all those stacks of hot rock. Boiler's built under ground would keep these rooms super hot. With the boilers and the natural warm water running between all the stacks of rock it became quite the sauna inside. 

Leaving the building we were able to have some fresh hot water from the spring.  
 It tasted minerally and very warm!

After leaving the baths, we did a little grocery shopping for breakfast and wandered around town. 
This sign was taped to a front door. 
Does it really work?

The driving/parking here cracks me up!

Most of the time people are parked on the side of the road but also on the sidewalk. And they aren't parked facing the direction of the flow of traffic. 

Every once in a while on the highway we'll a passing lane.

Then there's this guy who apparently is passing the parked car but then we watched him continue to drive on that dotted line until an oncoming car came and made him get back into his own lane. 

 Then you've got these cars who park in front of homes on the grass. 
Several times we have passed a bus who has pulled over to let it's passengers off or to collect more people. The surrounding cars don't STOP, so they don't even slow down! They just drive around the bus. Meanwhile people are crossing the road ON the cross walk with cars swerving around them. It's really crazy to see. 

King Aurthur's Castle

Before leaving Cornwall on Monday we made a stop at Tintagel Castle aka King Aurthur's Castle and Merlins Cave. This ended up being one of my favorite places we saw during our trip. It was also one of our hardest too. I don't know how many miles we walked because most if it was up and down uneven surfaces, steep climbs and rocky terrain but it was so worth it.

In the parking lot we saw this camper van.

I had never seen anything like it before. 

Flower power!

Grazing Cows.

From the parking lot we passed several rock walls and hedges.
Look at that design!

Kind of pretty! 

After walking a mile from town we finally arrived at the entrance. We then walked another steep 1/2 mile down to where all the fun began.  Behind me and down some stairs is the entrance to Merlin's Cave. 

Inside Merlin's cave. 

Adjacent to Merlin's Cave on the beach is a beautiful waterfall.

Standing on the beach and trying to take it all in. This is most definetley not what we see on our beaches in California. 

Kids would have loved to explore here! All the little caves to play in. 

After I got my "fill" of the ocean waves we started our climb up! 
Midway we came upon the beginning of the many ruins. 

From these ruins up and up we went!

What I hoped was more than half way up I took a picture of just a portion of what we had already walked up!

Up and up we kept going. The platform in the picture below is where we were standing when I took the above picture. If we hung a left it took us up to more ruins of the castle. We hung a right and went up and up and up to get to the statue of King Arthur!

And we finally made it to the top!

Pretty awesome!

So beautiful.

After catching our breathe and just taking the beauty in we began our descend down, down, down!

We finally made it down to the bottom. The whole trail you are surrounded by beauty!

A pretty little stream running downhill. 

After leaving King Aurthor's we finished our journey to Bristol.

That night we were hungry and Kory was wanting Tai. After a few google searches we came upon a restaurant named Giggling Squid. 

It was so good to see my red curry sauce looked very similar to what we have back home.  
So yummy!

 Walking back to our car where we had to park in a designated parking lot we passed a park with this phone booth. It had been painted for a charity event in 2013. After the event it had been moved to the Windsor Castle to be on display. After being there for a bit it is now being moved from park to park as an Art piece. Pretty cool to be able to see and touch it. It still amazes me that we have seen so little graffiti. It's awesome to see the respect shown in Scotland and England.  I'm afraid if this art piece was back home, in a park with no security it wouldn't last long! Which really is so sad!

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Bodmin Jail

Monday, September 4th, we left Cornwall. There were so many things I had wanted to see while here but I know we made the right decision by keeping the sabbath day holy. Another time I would love to come back and spend a week just seeing all the many cool things that Cornwall has to offer. Although we were able to see a few this day. I am going to miss the beauty of these green, green roads. However, I won't miss the skinny roads or having to pull over to allow the oncoming traffic to get by. 

On our way to city Bodmin we pulled up behind this car. Kory got a kick out of the advertisement on the back of the car. Specifically the "rubbers" part.

A few months before our big trip we stumbled upon this tv series on Amazon.
We loved it. Some of the early episodes takes place in Bodmin and the jail there. So of course I wanted to stop and see it being we were so close. 

It was so, so sad to read some of the real encounters of the people who spent time in jail.  

The consequences of stealing a hen to feed your starving family! 
7 years in jail. Wow!

Prisoners were given a bath every 3 months! 
Oh my.... the stench there must have been.  

There was a man who served a few years for selling his wife at the cattle market. 

Walkway between jail rooms.  

When mothers were sent to jail, there children went with because there was no one else to watch them. One of the games the kids played was called Toss Penny. 

This little boy was 11 years old. He was caught stealing celery of all things and was sentenced to 4 days. No one was too young or too old to serve time in the Bodmin Jail. 

It was so incredibly sad to read the accounts that were posted. Wife's who killed there husbands because they couldn't take the physical abuse anymore. Mother's who killed there babies because they were so poor she knew the baby would starve and didn't want that innocent baby to suffer. These mothers were eventually hung for murder. Father's who were caught stealing food to give to their starving families. How horrible it must have been during that time. It made me thankful for the time and era I am living in now. Thankful for a husband who works so hard to support his family. 

As we were leaving the jail we saw some landscapers out the window. At first glance I thought someone was repelling. I guess he kid of was. However he was doing it with a chain saw in one hand trimming the vegetation and a rope in the other. 

 What a job!