Friday, December 08, 2006

Our Gingerbread House

I thought it might be fun to make a gingerbread house. What an experience it turned out to be. We didn't have family home evening on Monday night so we thought we could do this project Tuesday night. On tuesday however the grahm crackers kept breaking and the frosting wasn't drying fast enough. So to the kids dismay we finally quit.

Wednesday is my busy day of the week so we didn't even try. Thursday Kory was going to be working late so I thought the kids and I could do it then. I found a recipe off the internet for the frosting that was working but the cheapest grahm crackers that I had bought were still breaking to easily. So I hopped on the net again and read someone elses problems making these silly houses and discovered she used a shoe box and a piece of card board box as the base. What a genious.
So the kids plastered the shoe box with frosting and stuck grahm crackers to it making the house. We bent the card board box making it the roof. They had a blast sticking the candies on. Our roof was full of marshmellows and gumdrops. The house is covered in M&M's, skittles(that are now missing), string licorice gummy bears and mints. So as the kids told there dad they were finally able to make their candy house. YEAH!!