Monday, August 13, 2007

Family Pictures

This is my mom and dad who just celebrated their 29th anniversary. Our family has grown in the past year in a half. We have had 2 grandchildren born and 2 in laws that we have welcomed into the family.
I am the oldest and we are dressed in white. My brother Jonathan was next. His family is dressed in blue. His wife Camille, 3 year old Carlaya and 18mo. old Noah. Travis is #3. He and his wife Christina are in green. Sheri is #4. Her and Jason are on the back row dressed in black. Everyone living at home is in yellow. My brother Matt is 17 and my sister Hanna who is 12. It' amazing to see all 17 of us together.


Schultz Family said...

Great family picture, I would love to be able to get one like that with Kevins family but we all live in so many different states. Emily looks so good in a white headband.

Sam and Jamie Taylor said...

Hey Tina! It's Jamie Taylor! April said you were asking about my blog, and I totally forgot to get your guys's e-mail so I can "invite" you. Just send it to my e-mail: And if you have anyone else's--like Annie Taylor, etc., let me know. I'd love to stay in touch with you all, now that I'm doing the blogging thing. Looks like your family is all doing well! Those are some great pictures!