Thursday, March 12, 2009

Girl's new doo's..

I've been taking pictures of the girls hair over the past few days. For some reason I wasn't using the flash so the picts turned out really yellow and grainy and you couln't see very well. This morning I realized what I've been doing all week so all I can give is how we did there hair today. Maddie was so excited for this morning. We did our 2 normal pigtails and then I braided them. I then crossed the braids over her head and tucked the end into the elastics holding the pony tail. Ta Da... She even let me put bows in to hide the elastics. When I picked her up today after preschool the first thing she said was how all girls liked her hair. I'm glad she's having as much fun with this as I am.

Emily is most definetely not photogenic. She likesgetting her hair done and is asking me to do it. She just doesn't like it when I pull the camera out for proof!!

I took Emily with me to Costco this morning and we got so so so many compliments on her hair. I love going to for more ideas. It's still hard to see the back of Emily's hair. I do the little ponytails just to help keep her hair stay in place all day and out of her face. Her hair isn't quite long enough to last all day in pigtails without a little help.


Camille said...

cute hair, some of those you found on the website before are one's I've done on Carlaya's hair. A little girl in our ward (that I babysit on wednesdays) always has fancy hair like that... so Carlaya has been asking me to do her hair "like ava's". Still she ony wants it done IF we are going somewhere. At home she doesn't even want to let me comb it! Arrgh!