Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hunter's 6th Birthday Party

Hunter will be turning "6" next thursday. However that night I happen to have Enrichment that I am in charge of and Kory's sister and her family is coming to our house for the weekend that night. Hunter has been invited to a few WII party's and that is what he asked to do for this party. Being this coming weekend is going to be crazy we had his party last night. Hunter did his own invitations It says, "Come join Mii and my Wii". Being we have a total of 4 wii remotes he invited 3 friends to his party.

He was in heaven being able to play the wii for 2 hours with his most treasured friends.
For dinner we served pizza, chips and soda.
Hunter wanted me to make him King Boo as his cake. However in the end he decided he wanted to help. He wanted to decorate the crown and he didn't want King Boo to have a mouth so this was the finished product. I don't like that my kids are getting opinionated. I'm trying to let some of my control issues go and let my kids help. Especially with things that I am doing for them. After all it's his birthday cake. Right??? So I put his 6 candles in as his mouth so King Boo doesn't look to silly.

It's cute to see all the kids crowd around when it's time to open presents. And the opinions they share while each gift is ogled over.

The cake and ice cream was a sucess!
Thankyou for those who came and made his party a sucess. This "Wii Party" was definetely the most easiest party we've done. Even though we had 6 kids total, with 4 being 6/7 yr. boys it was a pretty relaxed/quiet party.


Camille said...

well being girls aren't as in to Wii as boys, I haven't heard of a Wii party, but that is a brilliant idea from whatever mom started it. That's what kids love, then let kids do that! :)
I bet it was easy...I've never heard of King Boo before though, Wii character??
Cute cake...looks like a fun BOY party! :P