Saturday, September 26, 2009

Emily turns "3"

Tuesday Emily turned "3". She's becoming such a little girl and isn't a toddler anymore. As pancakes is the favorite breakfast food at our house this has become the birthday breakfast tradition. Depending on how old you are turning depends on how many pancakes winds up on you plate. My kids love, love, love to blow out candles multiple times a day. So we give them as many opportunities as possible to blow out candles. After breakfast comes the opening of gifts.

Emily is in LOVE with Tinkerbell. Needless to say her birthday was filled with the little fairy.

Thankyou grandma for Belle, Aunt Tonya for the Tinkerbell dress up, Aunt Camille for the money that bought ANOTHER Tinkerbelle and friends Josh and Jenna for the Tinkerbelle coloring book. Think she's excited?

After dinner she was able to blow out the candles on her very own Tinkerbelle cake. Her cake turned out very very cute I thought. She loved it of course!

Happy Birthday big girl we hope you had a great day. We love you!!!


Ruth said...

How cute! She looks so happy to have all those Tinkerbell things! I bet she hasn't taken the out fit off, right?! Great job on the cake!

Sheri said...

Totally cute cake! next time we're together we'll attempt the 3D idea like we talked about. That way I can learn too.

Camille said...

Ok, so I remembered enough to get a card off then totally forgot to call. Things are crazy around here I swear! I turned off my comments since I just don't have time to check them and I rarely even check anyone elses blogs anymore! :( Sorry!

Looks like a fun b-day. I'm glad she got what she wanted. The fun "I'm obsessed" stages are so cute! The cake is adorable!! You did so great!

Janet said...

What cute pictures, and what a great idea to put candles in the pancakes for breakfast! The cake is beautiful!