Monday, October 01, 2012

Emily's Hair

I love my girls hair. I love doing it. I love putting it up in fancy styles. I love the "neatness" that I can create with their hair. For the most part my girls love this to so it's a win-win situation. About a year ago Emily started going through that much despised stage of wanting to do her own hair.
Why oh why do my girls go through this? Why can't they stay little?
With the length of her hair she just couldn't do it. She couldn't get the brush through it's length, she could never get all the tangles out, it was very frusturating to her. And so after much debate she won and I cut it just above her shoulder's. She loved it! Since then she's loved being able to brush it by herself, put clips in by herself and wear headbands something else I despise.

Six months later her hair is long again, not as long as it was but it's getting there. I love this length. I love the hairdo's we do. I love the braids, the fliperoo's and all the different styles we can create. Being she catches the bus a little after 7 each morning the hairstyles that will last for more than one day have become my favorite.  My problem is she's still independent and wants to do her own hair or tell me how she wants it and then expects me to do what she wants. She's only 6. Why can't I still have that choice?

 The other morning she came down the stairs with the BIGGEST grin on her face. She turned around and said, "Mom, look at my hair! Didn't I do an awesome job? Bet you didn't know I could do piggies by myself did ya? Yep, I'm AWESOME!"
What was I to do??
I put a grin on my face, took her requested picture and sent her on her way.
I just hope she'll continue to let me do her hair some day's.
The time has come for me to cut the apron strings and let her do her own hair a bit more.
This won't kill me right? I survived this stage with her bigger sister and I will survive this stage once again but oh.... how I will miss it!