Thursday, October 01, 2015

Summer Carnival Cruise

In Nov. 2014 Kory and I decided that we were going to do something big for our anniversary during the upcoming Spring to celebrate our 13 years together. Near Thanksgiving our friends, the Schultz Family came for a visit. They mentioned that they were planning their first ever cruise and invited us along. We decided we could post pone our spring celebration and do it that summer instead.

We booked with Carnival and could hardly contain our excitement for our 4 day/3 night cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico. 

Here we are waiting to pull out of the dock on our 1st day. 

Every night we tried something we wouldn't normally eat.
We tried alligator fritters, tasted like a meat ball.  

This was a real thin, thin slice of tuna. Kory does not like fish. When this was brought out he wasn't to keen on trying it. It looked raw but in the end he ate it all. Wasn't too bad he said. 

Our 1st real day we spent in Catalina.

Along with the Schults, Kevins brother and his wife came too. 
It was fun having the 6 of us together.

What our ship looked like while we were on the island.

Kory and I decided to try parasailing. Something we had never done before. After seeing many failed attempts and mostly face crashing on you tube I wasn't too sure about this. 

It was so much fun! So glad we did it. It was so peaceful. There was no jerking and no swerving. We were let up into the air very slowly and the same when we brought back down. Would definitely do that again.  

Formal Night. 
I took advantage and ordered the lobster tail. So tasty! I loved it!

Tried to take a picture at sunset. It was a little breezy out on the dock that night. 

Our 2nd full day we took a buss out to the blow-hole in Ensenada.

Love that I captured the rainbow after a "blow".

Next to the blow hole was a market that we were able to walk around. Most shops carried the same items but was presented in a different way. It was a little disappointing that most items were no longer made in Mexico, they weren't authentic. It was like the shops had all ordered from an Oriental Trading like place and then tried to sell to the tourists. We did eat some fresh carne asada tacos. Everything was fresh! They cooked the meat in front of  you while watching. Even the tortilla's were fresh. They tasted so good!  

Our 3rd day was spent at Sea. We spent the day wandering around. We spent a little time watching an art auction. Some of those paintings looked like Brayden had drawn them. The starting bids were over $10,000. Some of the other paintings looked nice but I still wouldn't pay hundreds of dollars for them. There was a Harry Potter trivia game that we tried to play but I failed miserably at. We watched the Star Wars trivia and only knew one of the answers. It was a good relaxing day. 

The next morning we got up and started packing our bags. We were off the ship by 9 am and began our trip home. We had a wonderful time with friends and being able to spend time with just the two of us. Can't wait to do it again.