Saturday, March 05, 2016


A week after Kory and I had gotten back from our summer cruise a friend called asking if we wanted to go on another one. Supposedly she had found an awesome deal she wasn't going to pass up. Both Kory and I went to their home to hear the awesome price. Both of us went saying it didn't matter how awesome it was we just couldn't afford another week long vacation. Once we heard and saw those amazing deals we both caved! 

Airfare from Vegas to Miami, Florida cost each of us $49 one way. Total cost was $196 plus a $25 luggage fee. 
Our first stop on our way from Miami to the Florida Keys was a little spot on the side of the road to feed the Tarpon. 

These fish reminded me of huge catfish. For $5 we bought an ice cream bucket full of little dead fish to feed the Tarpon.

So much fun! These fish were huge. I thought they'd swallow our hands whole!

The Pelicans were hoping we'd drop the little fish for them. 

The best group shop we got all week. 

 The Florida Keys were awesome. I would love to go back. It was my favorite part of the trip. One night we ate at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.  

We stayed in a condo for our first 3 nights. We went swimming, played sand volleyball, and just played tourists. One day we rented jet skis and took a tour around the islands. One of the couples brought a water camera and I can't wait to exchange our photos. 

Too soon drove back into Miami to board our cruise with the destination of the Bahama's. 
The cruise was a 3 day so kind of short but at the same time it cost us under $600. Pretty cheap!

For the first time ever we went snorkeling. So much fun. Loved the water, loved all the different kinds of fish and turtles and wild life I've never seen out in the "wild".  Being we spent our one and only day in the Bahamas in the water I didn't bring my camera. Our friends brought there water camera so I know we've got pictures coming.  

After our cruise we stayed a night in Miami. We went to the Everglades Park to see live alligators. 

On our little boat ride excursion we saw 5 different alligators swimming alongside us. 

In the end we stayed to watch the alligator show. These alligators are  rescued alligators and deemed "trouble". They have left their homes and have caused havoc in peoples back yards. They have been captured and returned back to the wild 3 times. 3 strikes and they are out. Instead of being killed they are put behind a fence so as not to be a pest to anyone. 

Pretty cool creatures!

Our last day we took a water tour around Miami. 

There are several subdivisions that all the streets are water! Everyone has a boat and they drive it to a special dock to get to "town". Amazing to see all the different kinds of boats and homes in the area. All docks had these massive lizard like looking animals basking in the sunshine.  

Our week long away from home was so worth it. So much fun! I'm so glad we were able to go and see the things that we saw.