Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Brayden turns 7

 Brayden turns 7 oh my!
My baby boy is growing up.

He requested crepes for his favorite breakfast. Was happy to lick the cream beaters.

School isn't out quite yet so we had his birthday party at 6:30 a.m so everyone would be around.

This little man of mine has worked so, so, so HARD on his reading this year. He has made great progress. I had bought this Ugly Animal's book for him at Christmas but I knew it would still be too hard for him to read. Four months later the book was pretty easy for him to read. He loves to read books about real animals!

One of his siblings bought him 2 light sabers for his birthday!

Since we had a lot of time before he had to catch the bus he got ample time outside trying out his new roller blades. He's been using an old, too big, broken pair of Hunters. The rod that keeps the wheels inline was broken so Brayden all on his own stuffed a pencil where the rod went and then duck taped it on so the pencil wouldn't slide out. For several months he has used those broken blades. We've gone through lots of pencils!  

He loved his new blades!
So happy this little guy of mine loves to be outdoors. 

Brayden requested a King Cobra cake.

First time making a snake cake. I learned a lot and would do several things different but Brayden loved it and that's all that counts. Besides that I'm always my worst critique!

I love his "pondering". He's thinking about what his wish should be before he blows out the candles. 

Happy Birthday Brayden!

Brayden loves to be outside playing with friends.
He loves riding his bike or wearing his roller blades.
When inside he loves playing with legos and army men. 
Lots of time he builds forts outside using rocks and sticks for his army men.

Brayden loves school. He loves his teacher and has become quite the little reader. 
When 1st grade started he was reading on a mid kindergarten level. He was very behind. With lots of work he now reads at the beginning of a 3rd grade level. When he heard his teacher say this he took it to heart. He's now telling everyone he's skipping 2nd grade because he's in 3rd grade reading. Brayden loves to read books about sharks, lizards and snakes. If he tells a story about these animals chances are he's correct. There's been a few times we thought for sure he was making up stories about the way a particular animal looked, what he ate or what the name was. We'd "google" it and find that he was 100% correct. This kid has really learned some interesting facts in all his readings this year. When he grows up he wants to work in the ocean with sharks.