Wednesday, September 14, 2016

San Diego Family Reunion

Every 2 years my siblings and I with my parents all get together for a little family reunion. 
This year my brother, Jonathan was in charge. He decided to take us all to San Diego for a few days. 

Grandma had a few projects for the kids to do. 

When they weren't doing projects they were running around on the ginormous lawn....

or playing ping pong....

or playing air hockey. There was so much to do around the house during our down time. 

When we weren't at the house we were at the beach.

Aunt Christina, Aunt Sheri, Madelyn, Aunt Hanna and Grandpa all trying to break the wave.

Cousin Carlaya burying Madleyn. 

Kylie trying to bury her daddy.

Emily making her sand castles. 

Being so close to Sand Diego we decided to go walk around the temple.
I love this castle looking temple!

I had never heard of Seal Beach. The parking was horrible! There is none...people park along the streets or pay $20 at a parking garage. Hind sight, we should have paid the $20. Instead Kory dropped us off, found a parking spot a mile away and then caught up to us. 

So stink'n cool to see so many seals and how close we were able to get to them. Sometimes they'd bark at us or just stare at us. They are some pretty cool animals. 

Something that my mom wanted to do with the grand kids was crab catching. This was something she remembers doing with her dad. 

We walked out along a rocky pier, tied raw bacon to the end of dental floss and hung it down between the rocks. We wanted it just above where the tide was coming in.



Madelyn, Carlaya and Uncle Mat
The older kids loved it! The younger kids freaked out a little about being on the rocky, rocks and close to these little pinchers as they called them. 

We ended up with 2 sand buckets with lots of crabs. At the end of the night we dumped them back into the ocean. 

We ate tinfoil dinners at the beach that night. 

Love, love this picture of Madelyn and Carlaya. The 2 oldest grand daughters. 

All 12 grandkids!

Hunter (13), Carlaya (12), Madelyn (12), Noah (10), Emily (9), Brayden (7), Jamie (7), Elena (6), Brionney (4), Kylie (4), Jesse ( 18 mo,)