Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Christensen Christmas

This weekend the Christensen Clan got together to celebrate Christmas and New Years!
My sister, Sheri and her youngest Jesse. Just taking a moment for snuggles. 

After our Christmas feast the boys, my brothers and Dad started on the dishes!
Travis, Jonathan, Matt and Dad. 

While the adults were finishing up with the cleaning upstairs.... The kiddo's were down stairs waiting patiently to open gifts.

These 2 oldest girls were playing a game on Carlaya's phone. 

Cousin Elena kept giving the younger girls piggy back rides. My Kylie sure loves her cousin!

The boys of course were taking turns playing on Uncle Jason's Xbox.

It's almost time!!
Look at all those beautiful girl cousins!
Emily 10, Brionney 4, Elena 7, Mya 6, Carlaya 12, Kylie 4, Madelyn 12

Every Christmas my siblings and I exchange names. We then buy a gift for that sibling and their family. We say to keep it under $30.  

Grandma and Grandpa bought everyone a jacket! On the front it say's, "I belong the Christensen Bunch" with a picture of purple grapes. So cute!

This year our family had Sheri! There family is pretty big into sharks. So we bought them a shark book. Wanting more than just a book I was able to find shark print socks for the whole family! The kids socks I found on clearance so we were still under our $30. For fun we threw in a bag of sweedish fish. It was a hit! Sheri ended up having us this year too! Knowing our popcorn popper was on it's last day's we were given a new popcorn popper with popcorn spices!

During our weekend gathering Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Camille brought a new game!
Each person puts this piece in their mouth that stretches your lips. You then read a sentence off a card and everyone one else guesses what you are saying. So funny! Who knew how much we used our lips to speak!

Aunt Hanna

Aunt Christina

Uncle Jonathan


Aunt Hanna, Aunt Christina, Aunt Camille, Cousing Valorie Gubler, Uncle Jason, Aunt Donna Gubler, in the back...Uncle Jonathan and myself.

After the speaking game some of these crazy people I call family decided to try to have a eating contest with the New Years snack table!
Aunt Camille won! She chewed her cracker down like a chipmunk. So fun to watch.
Happy New Year!