Monday, October 30, 2006

Nintendo Junkie

This is Hunter are little Nintedo Junkie.

So this is Donkey Kong running from the alligator.

Donkey Kong just isn't going fast enough maybe he'll go faster if I stand up.

Nope! Still not fast enough.

Maybe this will help!!!

So once again this is how he starts off. Legs together and crossed. His hands almost resting on his thighs.

Donkey Kong has gotten away from the alligator but now it's time to jump over the porqupine. So our little legs come uncrossed and start to spread as our hands start to rise higher.

Donkey Kong just isn't jumping high enough.

This one's sure to do the trick!!

We are bouncing on the bed like this yelling "Jump, Jump, Jump".

It's just too funny to watch. You must see this in person. The body movement must help this little 3 yr. old boy,as he can now beat the 1st level in Donkey Kong all by himself.

Way to go Hunter!!!!


Camille said...

that's so funny, he is such a little boy now...

Annie Taylor said...

OK, so how does he do it-you know win the game? That's incredible and hilarious. I have not check you blog in a while, and you had a lot of fun stuff to look at, I really enjoy it. Annie