Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We had an Elder's Quorm party this past saturday and the kids were able to wear their costumes. They were both so excited. Hunter dressed as a pirate. He looked so cute. Somehow I took the girls pictures and not his. I still can't belive I missed him. Maddie is a lady bug. Maddie has called her costume a lady bug for weeks now. The past few days however she calls herself a budderfly which just causes havoc with Hunter. The arguement goes something like this. Hunter says "Maddie you are a red lady bug" Maddie says, "No me a budderfly" Hunter says, "No you not. You are a lady bug." Maddie says, "NO!!! ME A BUDDERFLY" Hunter says"NO YOU A LADY BUG". Maddie says, "NO ME NOT". Hunter says, "YES YOU AM". By now they are screaming at each other, both wanting to be right. I can't imagine where the stubborness comes from.

Can you guess what Emily is????To Hunter's udder (hee hee hee) delight she is a cow. Doesn't she make a cute cow. The costume helped keep her toasty warm at the party being it was held outside at a park.