Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Family Home Evening

Yesterday was just a hectic day and I didn't plan anything for Family Home Evening. So I pulled out different types of noodles (macaroni, curly, bows), cheerios, pretzels and glue (what kid doesn't like to glue stuff?).

Hunter and Maddie had a blast. For an hour and 15 minutes I sat there to offer help. This activity most definitely held there attention.I think this was our longest family home evening we have ever had. I bought glue before school started for $.10 a piece. I bought a dollar worth so I let the kids do the glue by themselves since we have plenty. What a good investment.

Hunter and Madelyn are always doing things together at the same time and I forget there is an age difference between the two. Madelyn just put glue where ever and put noddles anywhere. To help her I traced her hand and she followed the lines with cheerios. She wanted a big girl with piggies (pig tales) so she could give her a bow.

Hunter made all sorts of stuff. He made a sun, flowers, rabbit and a house with a garage for daddy's deliveries. He would watch me put the glue on Maddies paper and copy it. He was able to do most himself. He surprised me how good he did.

This is one activity that the kids will anxiously do again. It's going to be perfect when its too cold outside to play and the play dough and painting doesn't hold their attention anymore.


Jonathan & Camille Family said...

What a cute idea, you are such a good mom, I never think to do fun stuff like that. Plus we almost never have family home evening, jonathan makes it really hard to ever do anything, MOnday night is his "shows" night, so he is in front of the tV, I could strangle him.

kory and tina family said...

I know what you mean. Kory watches Prison Break from 7-8 on mondays. He usually doesn't get home before 6. By the time dinners over and dishes our done it's close to 7. Come 8 I'm ready for the kids to go to bed. I thought maybe we could have it on Sun. nights but I have had a signing class on that night until just recently and YW firesides.