Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cooking Disaster

I recently discovered a friend has started a blog of her favorit recipies. I was so excited to see a recipie for Fish Tacos. There is a little restaurant we recently discovered that has the best fish tacos. Kory who does not like fish even enjoys them. So yesterday while at the grocery store I picked up all the ingredients with the intention of making the best Fish Tacos ever tonight.

I followed the recipie. I wrapped the tortillas in aluminum foil. Put them in the oven to get warm. I pulled out 2 jars of left over oil I had in the fridge from last week. I dumped the oil in the pan to get hot. I made the coating sauce for the fish. While waiting for my oil to get hot I noticed an odd smell from the oil. Not only did it smell different but it was turning darker then usual. I figured one of the oil jars I had used must have been older than I thought. As I started to fry the fish I noticed my tongs were sticking together. I had to use both hands to pull them apart after it had closed. What's up with that! I pulled out my first batch of fish put them on a plate and then tried to slide them over. I couldn't. They were stuck to the plate. The oil was continuing to get darker. How Weird!!!

After a few minutes of frying the fish. I chopped up the cabbage and realized instead of limes I had purchased lemons. Oh well who needs the lime juice??? I was still so excited to try out our fish tacos. I pulled out the tortillas called everyone to the table. Said the blessing and started to dish the kids up. Although the tortillas had been in the oven for 20 min. they hadn't gotten very warm so the tortillas were falling apart. Maddie bit into her fish taco and she said it was hot. I figured she meant temperature wise. Hunter bit into his and said that the chicken was YUCKY. We said ha ha its not chicken its fish and it is very good.

Kory bit into his and said "What is on the fish?" I told him the ingredients and he said it tasted like burnt maple syrup. I bit into mine and it did. It tasted like burnt maple syrup. The sticky tongs and browning almost burnt oil all came flooding back. I've decided one of my left over oil jars was actually left over maple syrup. (It DID NOT look like maple syrup. I swear.) The cabbage I had bought was not very good it was hot. My mouth felt the zing.

Fish fried in burnt maple syrup put on dry flaky tortilla's topped with hot cabbage and salsa just didn"t cut it for our family tonight. It was such an easy recipie I'm still amazed I messed it up so badly. Now all I need is a recipe for memory loss. I don't think Kory will ever let me live this one down. In a few days when tonights dinner has been forotten (ha ha) I'll try it again. After all it can't get much worse than tonight's disaster.


Celeste said...

Thank you for sharing your story Tina, I couldn't stop laughing! We have all had those kind of experiences!! Try 'em again, they are yummy!

Lisa said...

Ohhhh Tina what a hoot!!! NO one could have made something like that up! You are a DOLL for sharing this! Thanks for the chuckle!

Jonathan & Camille Family said...

Tina, you crack me up. Sometimes I think you may be a blonde under all those brown curls!! LOL Trust me I've botched a few recipes myself. Live and learn I guess. just think eventually you'll be a pro and your fish tacos and this will just be a silly story...