Friday, May 25, 2007

Our 1st Primary Activity

The kids and I attended a Primary Activity this afternoon. For Hunter and Maddie this was their first primary activity. They had so much fun. Being a water activity who wouldn't.

At the beginning all the kids were gathered together to go over the "rules".

There were 2 blowup water slides. This is Hunter trying to climb up the slide.

When they were tired of the water there was plenty of sand to dig, kick, build and toss aside.

Near the end Hunter with some older kids built a sand castle. This mom was too slow to get a pict. before it was knocked down and destroyed.

Of course there was plenty of food. All the watermelon the kids could eat, hot dogs and chips.

It was a great 2 1/2 hours spent together in the sun. On the way home Hunter was asking if we could go back tonight with his dad.

It's great to have my kids at the age that they can interact with other children, make friends and have fun away from mom.


Camille said...

wow, that does look like a lot of fun. Carlaya got to go to Primary for a couple weeks when we were at my mom's because they don't have a nursery. She really liked it and did really well in class, but unfortunatly she is back in nursery. She likes that too, but I just feel like she is ready for primary. I look forward to fun primary activities like this!