Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A trip to the park

This past weekend we went to Fain Park.
Fain is my favorite park. They have grass, benches, grass, ramadas, grass, barbeques, grass, water and ducks. They have grass!! We do have many other parks with grass but the one nearest our house is surrounded by weeds, rocks and dirt. Absolutely no grass.

There aren't any play sets at Fain Park but the kids manage to find other things to occupy themselves with.

This is the favorite rock. It's just big enough the kids can climb up it and then jump off without hurting themselves.

Emily is most definitely one of ours. Just like the first 2 kids she prefers to be outside. She doesn't care to much for the grass on her bare toes but sitting on daddy's lap she is quite content.

There are always so many ducks to feed at Fain Park. After searching for quite some time we finally found 2 ducks. After throwing 1/2 our bag of bread into the water these little featherly friends made it over to us.

We all had fun spending a few hours in the great outdoors. Next time we've got to pack us a lunch.


Camille said...

That is fun to go feed ducks. We just took Carlaya and Noah last weekend to Floyd Lamb state park to walk around & enjoy the great outdoors. And feed the ducks or geese, whatever they were.! :)