Tuesday, June 05, 2007


About a month before we actually moved we started eating off of paper plates (thinking we were moving earlier than we did). We had paper plates and cups but continued to use our regular siverware. We very quickly discovered that both Hunter and Madelyn were throwing their forks away along with their plates and cups. Apparently Kory and I didn't do a very good job rummaging through the trash looking for forks as we are down to possesing 6 forks. Before every meal we are having to wash forks. While in Utah I went to D.I and searched their forks but I could bend them quite easily which is one of Kory's biggest pet pieves. So I didn't buy any. We haven't been able to find sturdy forks by themselveswith out the spoons and knives.

This past Saturday after having the dilema of not having enough clean forks we headed off to Stepping Stones (thrift store) as it is just down the street. They had containers full of knives and spoons but when it came to forks they had 3. They were flimsy and different designs on all of them. Not buying them we then went to Good Will.

Good Will had a tub of forks. They had even taped matching designs together. They were grouped in 4's and were .99 for each set. To top it off it was 50% saturday meaning everything in the store was 50% off. We came home with 12 matching sturdy forks for $1.50. YEAH!!!!


Unknown said...

What a great deal! Austun and Ash both went through a silverware throwing away stage. I am determined to avoid this with Caden (ya right!)

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Camille said...

You are so funny! Looks like you caught goodwill on the perfect day. I've done that a couple times too!