Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dirty Faces

We recently were given a few loads of dirt. We are trying to build up our front yard. We have about a 3 foot drop between the road and our front porch. In order to build this up we needed to move all the rocks around the house. These rocks were placed per Flood Control because the hired contractor didn't want to haul dirt in himself to build it up. The rocks look like decorative rocks so we want to use them later. It was cooler outside than usual but the wind was really blowing. By the time Kory and I were finished for the night this is what the kids looked like.
Emily ate more dirt last night then ever before.
Of all of them Hunter was the cleanest. He was helping mom load the wheel barrel with rocks and helping dad move dirt with his little shovel.
Maddie said she wasn't eating dirt.


Camille said...

looks like lots of fun! I never let me kids get really dirty (i don't know why) but when they are in Panaca or Hurricane they look just like this and they LOVE it! It will be fun to come play with you guys in a couple weeks!

Lisa said...

What little troopers you have! Hey if ya need more dirt let me know...we are wanting to level out our back yard but don't know what we are going to do with the dirt!