Tuesday, June 19, 2007

G.G & G.G.Pa

To avoid confusion my Grandma decided to call herself GG (for great grandma) and GG Pa ( for great grandpa) for the great grandchildre (my kids). This past Saturday GG and GG Pa were passing through. We were blessed with a wonderful visit with them. They brought us a cooler full apricots, zuccini, and squash fresh from the garden. Along with 5 trees to plant around our house. We fed them lunch and had a great visit. My children loved having them at our house. Madelyn is our cuddler and loves to sit on laps. GG endulged her lovingly.

Hunter is old enough now that it is very rare for him to sit on anyones lap. However he sat on his GG Pa's lap for quite some time. GG Pa doesn't remember Hunter ever wanting to sit on his lap so this really made his day.
This was our first visit from family since we've been living in our new house. It was great to show it off and have so much more room to visit. We hope this is just the start and hope to see more family this summer.