Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Madelyn's 3rd Birthday

Maddie celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday. I tried to make it a special day for her. It started off with having french toast for breakfast (her favorite). After breakfast I did her hair in big braids (another favorite). We then painted her toe nails sparkly pink and then her finger nails sparkly red (her choice of course). For lunch she had good ol' Mac & Cheese. Maddie has been asking for a flower cake so after lunch that is what we made. It was a fun cake to make. She got to help outline the flower with cookies and of course her favorite candy M &M's for the face.
When daddy got home she opened her presents. This dress up skirt was given to her by her Grandma Christensen. After dinner we headed to the park where we had cake and ice cream. Overall Madelyn says she had a very fun birthday.
I had to take this picture. Ever since Maddie could sit up we put the two of them in the same infant swing. It was great only pushing one. Last night they were complaing that the other was squashing them. I'd say it's probably the last time they swing together like this. Being one is now 3 and the other is 4 it's time to move on. Hunter's been swinging on the other type of swings for some time now and does a great job. Maddie's still a little shaky but she's catching on.


Camille said...

Hey, we totally spaced it on Monday! I knew it was her b-day and I reminded your mom even. (a couple days earlier, cause I knew she'd be flying in that night) Anyway, I was going to have Carlaya call and sing to her and then we remembered after Carlaya was in bed that night. And ever since I keep forgetting to call. I had all my fam here ALL weekend and Jenny and Tanner are staying all this week, so I seriously apologize for spacing it. I want to get her a present and I'll finally get Hunter's. I figure we'll bring them in two weeks when we come and then Carlaya can watch them open them. Tell Maddie we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY GIRL!! And we can't wait to come see her beautiful room and stay at her new house!! (again so so so sorry!!) You did a great job on the cake and it looks like a fun lil' birthday!!