Saturday, September 22, 2007

Emily's 1st Birthday Party

Has it really been a year already? I'ts amazing my baby turned 1 yrs. old TODAY!!! It also means that I've been blogging for almost a year now too. WOW Emily's birthday party was suppose to take place at a picnic table on Mingus Mnt. but due to our very wet weather we decided to have it at home instead. Instead of having a cookout we opted for good ole' pizza. Suprisingly Emily left her bithday hat on almost the entire time.
This is Emily's birthday cake. A little ladybug for our little lady.
With the help of dad the candle was finally blown out.
Emily did not know what to do with all the packages that was placed in front of her. Good thing for her older siblings and friend Jaxen or she would have never been able to open them.
Her favorite gift was HER VERY OWN baby doll. Happy Bithday my little Emily.


Jonathan & Camille's Family said...

Wow! I totally forgot her birthday was coming up! She doesn't seem 1! I think only because I've seem her so little. Can't believe a year has flown by. Well sorry we missed it- we were stuck in Jamaica! :) so sad, I know. LOL
Anyway, we'll try to get something in the mail to her soon! By the way, what an adorable cake!! You are so good at those!! (also I like what you've done with the house- I got to see a lil' bit more of it from the pics background)