Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Preschool At Home

This week is my week to play teacher. I was a little nervous monday night when I realized I was going to be home alone with six 3/4yr olds plus one 12 mo. old for 2 1/2 hours. Luckily we all survived. There was no whining, crying, or fighting from any of the 7 children yesterday. The kids all had fun. We started off playing with balloons. Our theme of the day was our bodies and how it can move.
Emily of course wanted to join in on the fun.
We had popcorn as a snack while I read the book The Very Hungry Catipillar. We talked about the healthy/sometimes food that we all eat and what it does to our bodies.
What must my little Emily be thinking?????
The kids are learning the letter "C" this week. So there project of the day was making catipillars. Who could resist painting parts of an egg carton green. Cheerios for the eyes and twirling pipe cleaners for the antenna's. After all was said and done the day was very successful. Hunter and Maddie can hardy wait for tommorrow when they have school again. What fun project will I come up for tommorrow??


The Schultz Family said...

Oh my goodness Tina you did GREAT!!! You are so good at this, I so admire your creativity. I hope when my kids get older I can come up with great ideas like that.

Camille said...

Yeah, I'd be a lil nervous too! I don't know that I have the patience to pull that off though. Looks like all the kids had fun. Cute ideas!