Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hinkley Challenge

I thought I'd share this challenge real quick before I begin our week of being unplugged from our electronics. For those who haven't heard of this challenge it's being called the Hinkley Challenge. To honor President Hinkley who was 96 years old when he died we are being challenged to read The Book of Mormon in the next 96 days. This challenge officially started yesterday Monday, Feb. 4th. You can register for free at This AWSOME website will track your progress and show you a little graph. It tells you how many pages you need to read to reach this goal. You can also type in your town and see how many people have registered to participate. When I registered I became the 7th person inPrescott Valley, AZ. It tells me who the first 6 people were. I thought it was cool the 1st person to register is in my ward. I have checked the website several times today. It is so neat to see that so far 22,752 people have accepted this challenge world wide.


Camille C. said...

I've started. I actually got a bulletin posted yesturday about it on my myspace, but I thought about it and then never signed up. Finally today I saw the bulletin again by someone else. I decided if I put if off too long, I'd never do it. So as hard as it was I got off the computer tonight and read my 1st 11 pages. Then I had to get back on (of course) to chart my progress. and then blog, then....well ya know how it goes. LOL