Monday, February 18, 2008

Plugged Back In

So, how did we do with no electronics? We unplugged everything on a tuesday night. Wed. went surprisingly smooth. It seems like every half hour I was asked if some sort of electronic device could be used but I stuck to my guns and didn't allow it. I made bread that day and we turned some of the dough into differene shapes. We had a dinosaur, a butterfly, a heart, a cookie and a monster.

Thursday went pretty well too. The kids were a little more whiny wanting to watch cartoons but again there was no tv. The kids went to school that morning and we made an elephant paper sack puppet that afternoon. In the evening we played games till bedtime.

Friday morning Hunter got up at 5:15am. He crawled into bed with us and just couldn't seem to hold still. Kory was getting frusurated with the constant movement of the bed and covers and finally told Hunter to go play the WII. Unfortunately this broke my plan of a week without electronics. Saturday and Sunday we were having our own little snow storm which kept us all inside.

I have been talking to several friends and have come up with a plan. Several weeks ago I printed out several picts. of dinosaurs. I had the kids color and help me cut them out and then lamenated them. I keep them in a container on top of the tv. Originally this was just for Hunter and the WII but for a week now I 've been using it for all of our electronics. Maddie doesn't seem to mind using some of the dinosaurs herself. Each dinosaur is worth 15 min. We have 10 dinosaurs which gives them a total of 2.5 hours. They can use this for cartoons, the WII or the computer. We've been doing this for almost a week now and it is really working. We have had a few farely warm days this past week. The kids didn't ask once during the day to use a dinosaur they spent it all outside riding bikes, and swinging. It was great!!!


Camille C. said...

sorry it didn't last the whole week but at least maybe the kids will get the point of it all, and realize there is more to do than TV. I like the dinosaur idea,,, that is a cute one.