Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Make your own person..

So yesterday we did an activity that we have never done before. I pulled out some magazines and we cut out different parts of the body. Then put a person together in our own way. The above was the last one we did. We must have been tired as we forgot to find her some legs.
Maddie wanted to do a prophet so we found a background for him.
Hunter did a really good one. Before I could take a pict. he tore all the pieces off and glued these guys in it's place. He cheated on these by just cutting the whole body out but he had fun. He also wanted a background. It's harder then it looks. I tried to do more details by cutting out a different mouth, eyes, and hair and putting them together, but I gave up and helped Maddie with hers. We sat at the table for almost 2 hours cutting and gluing. It turned out to be a fun project.


Camille said...

oh, why are you so FUN!! I need to get on the ball and do fun stuff this summer too. I never even think to do fun projects like that. I guess we didn't really do stuff like that when I was growing up, so I just don't think of it. Now that Noah is 2 1/2, it would hurt to let him to start trying some art fun too!
I love the Jar idea too!! I will have to do something similar to that as well!

Henlines said...

Tina, you are so creative!! It was fun to get to know you guys better on our drive last Sat. Let's get together for games soon!