Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Picnic and some fun.

Last week I along with a friend took our kids to Fain park for a picnic and to feed the ducks. Kory even came be to eat lunch with us on the grass. I'm going to assume that becuase we were there at the hottest part of the day, is why we didn't see a single duck. We looked and walked almost around the whole pond but never did see a duck.
While walking around the pond in search of the ducks we did find some massive boulders.

Along the way we came across a very little pond of water. We let the kids dip their feet.
The water was shallow and clear enough that the boys were successful at catching one very small crawdad. Despite their best efforts the little tadpoles were too quick for these two 5 year old boys.


Camille said...

what a fun park.. We too are planning some picnics this summer. Probably up to Mt. Charleston so that it is not so HOT!
And I did do a fun summer calendar with Carlaya for the summer. With an idea for each day....
Thanks for your ideas.....